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Self-confidence is making a commitment to yourself and following it through

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Jacqueline Frederick truly believes life is a gift every day. Her goal in life is to always live, laugh, love, and fulfill her plan and purpose. As a personal trainer, she saw the struggle as her clients tried to achieve their goals but experienced setbacks and failures through a lack of self-esteem and confidence – the very same issues she had struggled to overcome herself. Believing that she was not smart or capable enough kept her confidence low and her achievements minimal. Finding the strength to have confidence in herself was a game-changer; she learned that she can trust herself and that she can do anything. Now, she shares that same experience with her clients.

I show them that self-confidence is making a commitment to yourself and following it through. By creating a safe space for being vulnerable, I help my clients shed the weight of other people’s expectations, their own fears and stand with them every step of the way as they power through to their goals.

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