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Ehsan Rasul, President and Founder of Knowledge & Achievement Inc., Discusses the Insurance Industry and Training

Ehsan Rasul, President and Founder of Knowledge & Achievement Inc., in Calgary talks about his business of training people in the insurance industry and the state of the industry today.

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Jose Azares, a Recent Resident of Vancouver, Returns to Canada’s Podcast to Discuss NIDUM

Jose Azares returns to Canada’s Podcast to discuss NIDUM, based out of Calgary, Canada. NIDUM’s mission is to democratize employment opportunities by creating virtual reality (VR) training modules so businesses can save time, money, and stress, but more importantly so they can be inclusive!

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Entrepreneurs are the backbone of Canada’s economy. To support Canada’s businesses, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Nora Jenkins Townson is Founder of Bright + Early, An Unconventional HR Consultancy

Nora Jenkins Townson is the founder of Bright + Early, an unconventional HR consultancy that has helped some of the most successful startups scale. With a focus on employee experience, anti-oppression and creativity, Nora believes that the best People strategies are human first and data informed, with a dash of design thinking. With a background leading HR at Canadian success stories like Wealthsimple and FreshBooks, she founded Bright + Early to help conscious companies who are too small for full time HR leadership. She is also the co-author of The Parenting Playbook, a resource for small businesses on navigating parenthood in the workplace. Her work has been featured in TechCrunch, Elle Magazine, and the Globe and Mail, and she is a frequent speaker on inclusivity, designing HR, and the future of work.

Erica Pearson Discusses Her Business Vacation Fund, Mental Health & Avoiding Burnout, Especially During a Crisis Like COVID-19

After 4 years competing as a varsity athlete, and simultaneously earning her Bachelor of Commerce degree at Queen’s University, Erica Pearson spent several years on the RBC Capital Markets trading floor in Toronto. She held Analyst positions within Debt Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange Institutional Sales, Institutional Equities Trading, Money Market Sales, and Interest Rate Derivative Solutions. Erica then worked as an Analyst for the CEO Office of Investor and Treasury Services. At the end of December 2016, she informed RBC of her intention to resign to start her own company. The idea for Vacation Fund, a Toronto-based startup, was born from Erica’s upbringing. Her family was very frugal, but prioritized spending time and money on travel and experiences. By the time she turned 22, Erica had visited over 40 countries.

Jeffrey Doucet is Helping COVID-19’s New Job Seekers to Find New Opportunities Without Any Fees

Jeffrey Doucet is CEO of Thrive Career Wellness Platform, a software company that helps job seekers manage their job search. Jeffrey just announced that his company is opening up their Career Wellness Platform to all Canadians who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Chris Simair

Chris Simair is managing director of Harvest Builders in Calgary. The venture builder’s objective is to elevate innovation across the Canadian Prairies. Simair is the former co-founder of SkipTheDishes.

Antonio Aleman

Antonio Aleman est Président et Cofondateur de Hyumeet. Hyumeet facilite l’humanisation du processus de recrutement et va plus loin que le “match parfait”. Nous permettons de concilier la personnalité, les valeurs et les intérêts des talents avec ceux des employeurs dès le début du processus.

Plus précisément, Hyumeet innove dans le processus de recrutement en utilisant une approche de contrat psychologique, à savoir les ententes non écrites et les obligations informelles entre un employeur et ses employés en ce qui concerne leurs attentes mutuelles quant à la manière dont chacun s’acquittera de ses rôles respectifs. Dans une entreprise, le contrat psychologique peut inclure des éléments tels que le niveau d’engagement des employés, la satisfaction au travail et la qualité des conditions de travail. Hyumeet utilise cette approche et la met en valeur en y ajoutant des valeurs mutuelles, des besoins personnels et professionnels, des motivations personnelles et des traits de personnalité vérifiés pour correspondre à l’offre d’emploi et à la culture de l’entreprise. L’équipe Hyumeet est originaire de Québec!

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Wendy Giuffre

Wendy Giuffre is the President and Principal Consultant for Wendy Ellen Inc. She is also the co-author of The Only HR Best Practice You’ll Ever Need. Wendy provides a grassroots, common sense approach that helps her clients to simplify their people management and create healthy, sustainable workplace cultures where people love to come to work. She is also a sought-after HR expert for the media, keynote speaker and contributor to various HR specialty print media. Wendy consults with small to medium-sized organizations in all industries based in and around Western Canada and US affiliates.

Bernadette Butler

Bernadette Butler is Founder and CEO of StoryTap. StoryTap helps brands tell authentic stories through video. They have locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Canada’s Podcast host Angela Barnard stopped to talk to Bernadette while at the 2019 Collision Conference in Toronto.

Alexandre Champoux

Alexandre Champoux is a business entrepreneur who formerly owned and managed Alliance Pavage from 2009 to 2018. This business specialized in asphalt paving and concrete work for commercial, institutional, civil and residential jobs. This leader grew the company by tackling over 800 contracts around the island of Montreal which includes their most notorious feat “The Bonaventure Project”. With over a decade of experience and observations, Alexandre lived the troublesome and outdated management techniques in the construction industry. Most notably the scaling margins of error that had to be factored into each of venture. His experience combined with his excellent orator and interpersonal skills and makes this CEO an indispensable individual of Civalgo.