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Quand le Girlpower mène un mouvement de sacs véganes

Mélissa Lambert est une femme de tête et de convictions qui, ne trouvant pas le produit de ses rêves sur le marché, a décidé de lancer sa propre marque de sacs à dos et sacs à main. Avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience en communication et en gestion de marque, Mélissa a voulu se lancer un nouveau défi; celui de réinventer la mode du sac à dos. Étant convaincue qu’il est possible d’allier confort avec élégance, l’entrepreneur lance sa marque de sac en cuir végane, certifié Peta en 2017. Lambert est issu d’une histoire d’amour entre la maternité et l’envie de changer le monde, un achat consciencieux à la fois. C’est lorsqu’elle attendait son 3ème enfant que Mélissa eut l’idée de lancer son entreprise, avec le rêve d’un modèle d’affaires responsable, écologique et du slow fashion.

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Tyler McCombs Founder of Devon + Lang, is bringing better pouch boxers to the market!

Devon + Lang was founded by Tyler and Dayna McCombs in 2019, but the idea for better boxers began much earlier. During an uncomfortable walk in the Hawaiian heat, Tyler decided that he was done with buying boxers that easily ripped and chafed his legs. After searching for the perfect pair, he came up empty and decided to make a better pouch boxer than what was on the market. After over a year of working with professional designers and engineers, Devon + Lang was born.

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Kristian Hansen, CEO and Jake Robitaille, CMO of MNTN Discuss How They Built the World’s Most Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

MNTN was founded in 2018 with one mission in mind – to build the world’s most sustainable lifestyle brand. Since then we’ve been developing a planet-over-profit business model with the environment, animals, and the death of corporate greed at the forefront. We’re not here to line our own pockets, we’re here to deliver high-quality products that not only look good, feel good, and can change the world, but create a new form of global capitalism that takes every environmental factor into consideration.

Kristian Hansen, CEO of MNTN, is a multi-award winning serial Entrepreneur, explorer, and mission-driven founder currently on a journey to solve the climate crisis through eco-conscious capitalism, the power of consumerism, and data. Originally from Calgary AB, Kristian grew up in Dubai and spent the last 10 years exploring in 70+ countries building start-ups. He is currently living in Montreal, Québec.

Jake Robitaille, CMO of MNTN, was born and raised in Europe but has been living in Montreal for a little over a decade. He is an experienced public relations manager and sales representative with a bachelor’s in communication from the University of Montreal. Passionate about marketing and the creative process of advertising, his goal has always been to broaden his horizons and seek opportunities related to communicational strategies. With years of sales experience, Jake has transitioned to leading his own PR team for a hyper-sustainable startup.

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Canada’s Podcast Alumni Connor Curran Returns to Update Us On Local Laundry, a Clothing Company

Connor Curran is Co-Founder and “Chief Laundry Folder” for Local Laundry in Calgary, a Canadian clothing manufacturer.

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Julie Yoo, Founder of I Miss You Vintage, Talks About How E-Commerce Like eBay’s Up & Running Program Can Grow Local Business Locally and Globally

Julie Yoo is owner of I Miss You Vintage, Toronto’s premiere destination store for designer label consignment shopping. With over 20 years industry experience and 15 years running a bricks and mortar retail boutique, Julie is a veteran of the resale fashion world. She specializes in identification, authentication, and appraisal of 21st century vintage couture and contemporary luxury designer label resale fashion. Her clientele has included celebrities such as Lady Gaga, runway fashion designers, international museums, and fashion archives. Julie has been interviewed by various publications contributing to discussions about female business entrepreneurship, ecommerce for small business, fashion styling advice, fashion buying tips, and fashion as a financial investment. Julie is featured in Paypal’s 2019 Women Entrepreneur Study and is included in eBay’s 25th anniversary marketing campaign as the face of Canadian small businesses. When she isn’t glued to the computer, she is usually found working with the newest arrival of fabulous designer dresses and purses in store.

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Connor Curran

Connor Curran is one of the co-owners of Local Laundry, a Canadian made garments company that uses clothing as a vehicle to build community. Connor started Local Laundry four years ago after Googling: ‘How To Start A T-Shirt Company’ and watching a YouTube video. Now Connor works on Local Laundry full time with a commitment to donate over $1 Million to local charities across Canada. Local Laundry can be found in over 20 stores across Canada and is heralding the importance of supporting Canadian manufacturing.

Braden Parker

Braden Parker is co-founder of Casca Footwear, an innovative startup, developing all-day performance shoes for future builders. In the past year, Braden has moved from real-estate asset manager to co-founder of a bootstrapped venture looking to challenge the global footwear giants.

Emily Salsbury-Deveaux

Emily Salsbury-Deveaux is an entrepreneur and a retailer. She first opened her fashion store EMMYDEVEAUX as a pop-up location in the West Edmonton Mall in February 2018. The store opened a permanent location in the fall of 2018 on Calgary Trail. She is former executive director of the School of Retailing at the University of Alberta.