Géraldine Jippé

Géraldine Jippé ( est une serial entrepreneure née à Paris et basée à Montréal depuis 11 ans. Spécialiste du digital et passionnée par les nouvelles technologies et le e-commerce, Géraldine co-fonde Watergeeks, une startup cleantech, qui associe économie circulaire, environnement et Intelligence Artificielle pour développer une place de marché de revalorisation des équipements industriels au sein de l’industrie 4.0 et plus particulièrement dans le secteur du traitement de l’eau.

Fière gagnante du Coopérathon Canada 2018, Géraldine et son équipe remporte le Grand Prix du Coopérathon, le Prix Hydro Québec et le prix de la Fondation Suzuki. Elle élargit ses horizons entrepreneuriaux au sein d’incubateurs de renom comme le Centech (ETS), l’École des Entrepreneurs du Québec et NextAi (École de Dirigeants – HEC Montréal).

Grâce à sa maîtrise en Gestion et Marketing de Y-School ( Ex-Groupe Esc Troyes, France) et des cours suivis à l’université McGill (Montréal) en marketing numérique, Géraldine acquiert des bases solides en administration des affaires, en gestion et marketing digital.

Très engagée, Géraldine est très active auprès de la communauté entrepreneuriale montréalaise à titre de bénévole d’affaires, auprès de l’association des Femmes d’Atta, et à titre de mentor au sein de AquaHacking.

Todd Rutter

Todd Rutter is owner of A Cappella Catering in Edmonton. Todd talks about his entrepreneurial journey and how he went against advice to shut down his business years ago but decided to persevere.

Paul Van Ginkel

Paul Van Ginkel is a well-known and successful artist in Calgary known for his paintings depicting horses and western imagery such as cowboys and natives. He also is known for his paintings of flamenco dance and of Venice. On this podcast, Paul talks about juggling the artistic side of his personality with his business sense. Examples of his work can be found on his website.

Lorenzo DeCicco

Lorenzo DeCicco is chief executive officer for GAME CHANGER – as professional leadership organization that delivers sales and Executive mastery methodology focused on driving specific, predictable and measurable business outcomes. He’s a former Telus executive with Fortune 500 experience and has a passion for soccer.

Michael Buhr

Michael Buhr is the President and CEO of Filld, the last mile mobile fueling company that delivers fuel to vehicles so drivers and fleets never have to stop for gas again. Previously, he was the President and Co-CEO of Zerve, and has business and product experience at Apple, Adobe, and Palm. Michael holds a degree in Engineering from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

Raghwa Gopal

A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience starting, growing & selling businesses, Raghwa Gopal is one of the most recognizable names in BC’s tech sector. In addition to his current role as President + CEO of Innovate BC, he’s a member of the Emerging Economy Task Force, the former CEO of Accelerate Okanagan, and started Kelowna’s first ever tech company.

Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller, a former pack and a half smoker is the founder of BMP Production and the creator of the BMP Method. In 2017 her 3rd improved edition of “How To Quit Smoking Even If You Don’t Want To”, won the Gold Seal literacy Award as it came back recommended by The US Review. Her book inspired her to teach the method in a one-day event. Now many years later she is preparing to tour across Canada and the US performing much larger 3-day interactive events. Barbara believes this needs to be a company benefit for workers.

Craig Skauge

Craig Skauge is President and CEO of Olympia Trust Company in Calgary.

Wayne Wachell

Wayne Wachell is the CEO & Chief Investment Officer (Founding Partner), Genus Capital. Wayne co-founded Genus Capital in 1989 and is the architect of the firm’s investment process. Genus Capital is a pioneer in Canada’s divest-invest movement and is home to Canada’s first fossil-free mutual fund family.

John Datseris

John Datseris has worked in the digital world since 1998. His knowledge of technology and marketing helps companies better understand the digital space – how it is changing, how to leverage it, how to measure it and how to integrate it into their business. John is an expert in digital and new media and in developing and building actionable strategies and properties that are results focused. He has successfully led digital transformation programs for traditional marketing and media companies and is known for designing business and marketing solutions that develop social and financial capital for enterprises.

Six years ago he co-founded GNR8R Marketing Group – which generates strategies and solutions for the connected consumer. At GNR8R John and his team work with clients, agencies, technology companies and strategic service groups to build higher value marketing solutions.