Victoria Pelletier

Victoria Pelletier ( is a corporate executive with over two decades of executive experience. She is a visionary and innovative leader serving as an executive for a global Fortune 500 global organization and as a board member for several organizations and an entrepreneur owning several businesses. She is also a published author, in-demand public speaker and appears regularly on national TV.

Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe is co-founder and CEO of ZeroKey which produces transformational IoT sensor technology that provides wire-area, real-time, and millimetre-level 3D tracking across large spaces and buildings.

Marc Lafleur

Marc Lafleur founded truLOCAL, an online marketplace that connects health conscious consumers to local suppliers, giving them a more convenient way to access clean, locally raised meat products. All orders are placed online with the ability to select everything from box size to frequency of deliveries, including the contents of each box. truLocal ships Shipping all across Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, truLOCAL is a game changer to the relatively slow-moving meat industry. Marc is an Honours grad in Health Sciences from University of Waterloo.

John Evans

John Evans is the millennial Founder and President of EverLine Coatings and Services. He started his first business at age 21 and was the first-ever to win the International Franchise Association’s NextGen in Franchising – a global competition for young entrepreneurs.

Janice Liu

Janice Liu is the founder of Retreat, a technology start-up, which connects users with last-minute, discounted premier spa and salon appointments in the city of Toronto, where Janice calls home. By day, Janice leads a consulting and engineering team at the consultancy firm, Magnet, that has a mission to engineer the future of marketing.

Adam Kreek

Adam Kreek is one of North America’s top Management Consultants and Executive Coaches with degrees and certifications from Stanford University, UBC Sauder School of Business, and Queens Smith School of Business. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Victoria and teaches strategies and skills of self-leadership, leadership, high performance and perseverance to corporate and government teams globally through keynotes, workshops and online seminars.

Adam has coached, trained and taught hundreds of thousands of people, including teams at Microsoft, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Shell, YPO, EO, TEDx, and most importantly, Adam walks the talk. As an Entrepreneur, Adam runs two small corporations – KreekSpeak Business Solutions and Ergo Eco Solutions, a low carbon initiative that connects small businesses with small governments.

A two-time Olympian, Adam holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold, and multiple hall of fame inductions. In 2013, Adam made the first ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America.

Regula Estermann

Regula Estermann est graduée du Collège MacDonald (McGill University) en gestion d’entreprise agricole en 2010 et détient également un baccalauréat en administration, mineur en économie de l’Université Bishop’s depuis 2013. Elle est co-propriétaire depuis 2016 avec son frère Martin de Ferme Estermann Inc.

Ferme Estermann Inc. est une entreprise laitière de 320 kg de quota et de 500 acres en cultures. Régula est responsable de la gestion du troupeau, de la gestion des ressources humaines et de la gestion financière de l’entreprise.

Regula parle couramment, anglais, français, allemand et espagnol et a un intérêt pour les voyages elle est aussi la maman de Léonie 1 an.

Shauna MacDonald

Shauna MacDonald is Principal and Founder of Brookline Public Relations, one of Canada’s leading boutique PR agencies. Starting her career in Boston and following in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, Shauna launched Brookline in 2004 after serving as Vice President and Managing Director of Western Canada for an international public relations firm, as well as the Marketing Communications Practice Leader for its Canadian operations. Now in its 15th year, Brookline delivers creative ideas, solid results, and a fresh approach (as a non-billable agency!) to countless brands across Canada, defining new industry standards for excellence and delivering newsworthy and memorable moments.

Bill Collins

Bill Collins is President of Cascadia Seaweed. He has lived in four countries and been on most continents. He has been involved in scientific expeditions in oceans around the world and sold products into more than 40 countries, including 17 navies. Bill has authored more than 60 publications and given presentations on topics ranging from Grand Banks sediments to dredging in the Elbe River, Germany to Big Data. As part of a trio of owners in a high-tech manufacturing firm, he has products in 18 of the major passenger rail authorities in North America, taking an award-winning business from $3M net worth to over $30M.

Frédéric Verville

En l’honneur du jour du Souvenir, nous sommes fiers de vous présenter un épisode spécial présenté par le podcast canadien et la Fondation du prince au Canada une œuvre de bienfaisance nationale créée par Son Altesse Royale le prince de Galles. La Fondation du prince au Canada est une organisation patrimoniale commune qui aide les anciens combattants dans leurs nouveaux rôles et activités après avoir servi dans les forces armées.

Frédéric Verville est Vice-Président chez PilKi, une entreprise qui produit des infusions à base de thé du Labrador avec des ingrédients du terroir québécois. Il commercialise des tisanes naturelles, pour rendre accessibles à grande échelle les ressources de la forêt boréale.

Cumulant sept ans d’expérience dans les Forces canadiennes, il est à ce jour technicien d’approvisionnement où il gère couramment le système de planification des ressources de l’entreprise et approvisionne la mécanique des hélicoptères. Il possède aussi un baccalauréat et une maitrise en théologie, qui lui a permis de développer des techniques de recherche rapides et une rigueur intellectuelle.

Frédéric est en charge chez PilKi du développent web, du marketing digital, de l’approvisionnement et leur propre système de planification des ressources personnalisé.

Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter cet épisode le jour de Remembrance afin de rendre hommage à tous les anciens combattants qui ont servi et continuent de servir le Canada. Pour en savoir plus ou faire un don à la Fondation du prince au Canada, visitez leur site web la Fondation du prince au Canada. Ne l’oublions pas.