Karim Ben-Jaafar Has 15 Years Experience Scaling Rapid Growth Tech Startups, and Is One of the Most Sought After Speakers, Coaches and Leaders in the Tech Space

Karim Ben-Jaafar, President of Beanworks, talks about his company’s success onboarding the highest number of clients since inception during COVID crisis, and strategies for business owners to consider in a ‘bear market’ (recession) considering cashflow and anticipated recovery timeframe.

With 15 years experience scaling rapid growth tech startups, Karim is a sought-after speaker, coach and leader in the tech space. He focuses on growth, marketing, sales and customer experience, leadership training, Stage 1, 2 and 3 SaaS companies. Karim has raised over $100M in funding as of May 2018, building predictable revenue engines through rapid growth – i.e. 20% month over month. Karim teaches SaaS Growth Engine, Saas Sales, Hypergrowth 2.0 at BC Tech. As a speaker, he talks about Coaching vs Training, Effective Leadership, Arguing over the dishes (breaking down the silos that divide us), and Group think – how to spot it and avoid it at all cost.

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Dawn Desjardins, Deputy Chief Economist at RBC, Discusses the “Small Business, Big Pivot” Report

The “Small Business, Big Pivot” report featured podcast from the Royal Bank of Canada, provides data and new approaches to pivot out of the pandemic crisis. The rebound can’t be back to the past — the pivot needs to propel smaller enterprises forward into a different economy. So take a listen and move forward. Thanks to the Royal Bank of Canada for spending some time with Canada’s Podcast and providing go forward insights.

Adrien Lavoie est le propriétaire de, un site web se spécialisant dans la vente de souliers de marques connus à prix réduits

Adrien Lavoie est le propriétaire de, un site web se spécialisant dans la vente de souliers de marques connus à prix réduits. Il a humblement débuté dans le sous sol de chez ses parents à vendre des articles sur eBay et est maintenant propriétaire d’un entrepôt de 11,000 pi2 d’où son entreprise envoie des souliers partout à travers le monde.

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Craig Skauge, President of Olympia Trust Company, Returns to Discuss How Small to Medium Size Businesses can Raise Money Through RRSPs

We welcome our CP Alumni Craig Skauge back for another interview.

Craig Skauge is President and CEO of Olympia Trust Company in Calgary. He was also a national Top 40 Under 40 recipient in 2019. He established a website recently specifically geared to small and medium size businesses raise money through RRSPs to help them in these challenging economic times.

To watch and listen to his previous interview, click here.

David Lucatch, Co-Founder and Director of Kabn Systems Discusses His Long Entrepreneurial Career and Provides Some Great Insights

David Lucatch is Co-Founder and Director of Kabn Systems. David has a long entrepreneurial career and provides some great insights. David started his career during the emergence of desktop publishing in the mid 1980’s and as an early Internet adopter, David has spent more than 35 years inventing technology and business solutions in the international marketing arena and over 20 years of that developing Internet and mobile based platforms and taking them to market. David has held senior management posts and directorships at both private and public media and technology firms. Throughout his business career David has been an active supporter of numerous organizations and has been recognized and awarded internationally for his fundraising activities and dedication to service and community support activities.

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Découvrez Hugo Morin, très impliqué dans l’univers des jeux vidéo, associé et investisseur de V3-Ventures et plusieurs entreprises technologique

Sylvie Bougie a eu le chance de s’entretenir avec Hugo Morin associé de plusieurs entreprises en technologie. Vous y retrouvez ses conseils et certaines anecdotes de son parcours d’entrepreneur.

Hugo Morin fonda Humagade en Avril 2003. Humagade produisait des jeux vidéo sur plusieurs plateformes mais était spécialisée en jeux sur téléphone cellulaire. Dans les années qui ont suivi, Humagade remporta de nombreux prix, connu une croissance annuelle des ventes de 84% en moyenne en augmenta son nombre d’employés de 2 à 40. Ayant produit plus de 150 jeux en J2ME, BREW et Flashlite, Humagade est rapidement devenu un joueur important pour le divertissement mobile. Dû à son expertise, elle s’est vue octroyé l’opportunité de travailler sur des licences de calibre mondiale tel que Star Wars, Mickey Mouse et les Jeux Olympiques.

En 2007, M. Morin fut sélectionné par la Fondation de l’Entrepreneurship afin de participer au Entrepreneurship Development Program de la prestigieuse Sloan School of Management au Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

En Février 2008, M. Morin devient actionnaire de Frima Studio, qui acquiert Humagade devenant ainsi le deuxième plus grand studio de développement de jeux indépendant au Québec.
En 2009, Frima fut reconnu comme une des dix entreprises connaissant la plus forte croissance au Canada, et la première au Québec. En Décembre 2009, M. Morin vend ses actions de Frima et il profite d’un temps de repos bien mérité avec sa famille.

En plus de siégez sur de nombreux conseils d’administration (CLD de Québec, Desjardins…) et d’être associés dans plusieurs entreprises technologique, M. Morin est associé-investisseur chez V3-Ventures, un fond d’investissement pour startup techno.

Et en 2015, il devient partenaire et directeur général chez IndieGameServices, une entreprise offrant un service de développement d’affaire dans le marché du jeux vidéo.

Pour écoutez la chanson Good Riddance de Green Day : Aussi Hugo Morin vous a recommandé le livre “How to win friends and influence people” de Dale Carnegie et lis en ce moment “The last Odyssey” de James Rollins.

Brad Pilgrim Discusses His History as a Serial Entrepreneur and Parity Inc.’s AI-Powered Energy Management Platform

Over the past 3 years, Brad Pilgrim has led Parity Inc. to develop and deploy an AI-powered energy management platform for multi-residential buildings in order to eliminate energy waste in buildings and cultivate more sustainable urban environments.

Using this platform, Brad and his team have helped prevent more than 4 million lbs of CO2 emissions from their customers’ buildings since 2017.

Interview with Lori Desjardine, Co-Owner and Occupational Therapist at Pillars of Wellness

Lori Desjardine is the co-owner and Occupational Therapist at Pillars of Wellness – a family owned integrated care centre in Burlington ON. Lori completed her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario, graduating with Honours. She then continued her academic journey and completed her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto.

Throughout her carrier as an Occupational Therapist she worked in several different healthcare environments, with her role ranging from front line care, to supervising, mentoring and teaching. She started her first company in 2013 – Desjardine Rehabilitation, and then further expanded to opening Pillars of Wellness with her husband in 2018. Lori has spend the majority of her career focusing on complex trauma, neurological disorders, brain injuries, and mental health challenges.

Having worked within a variety of healthcare settings and observed the strengths and weaknesses within the various medical/rehabilitation disciplines, Lori was inspired to create a care centre that would serve as a bridge in addressing a very noticeable gap in service.

Lori’s vision is to provide truly integrated healthcare services to all clients. While her primary focus is to maximize health, she strongly advocates partnership and knowledge exchange to empower people to manage their own health and make sound care choices. Lori believes that in combination with best practices, coordinated and seamless care, in conjunction with the latest technologies, we can provide clients with the most sound assessments and treatments available; thereby allowing people to maximize quality of life.

David J. Greer, Entrepreneurial Coach, Author, and Professional Speaker

David J. Greer is an entrepreneurial coach, author, and professional speaker ( He is the catalyst who gets you to fully live your dreams now. Spend one hour reading his book Wind In Your Sails, attend a one hour talk with him, or get one hour of 1-to-1 coaching and you will have 3 concrete action items that will shift and accelerate your business within 90 days. David and his wife Karalee are committed to each other and their three children, spending time supporting them in the many and varied activities they are involved with. They live in Vancouver, Canada.