Entrepreneurship is about building equity and controlling what you can to build that equity

With two decades in capital markets, Kola Malcom brings deep financial experience to his chosen entrepreneurial career. Kola is...

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Invest in yourself! Tracking, planning and marketing are the keys to success

Bryan Macaulay is a visual storyteller. Since his father opened Village Studio in 1977, Bryan has been providing timeless...

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Exploring the Transition: From Corporate to Entrepreneurial Drive

Kim Tabac is a dynamic business executive with over 25 years of experience designing and executing people & culture...

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Success is not final…and failure is not fatal

Tamara Martin believes “Success is not final…and failure is not fatal”. It’s the courage to continue that count. She...

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Owner Organization: Self Reconnection Therapeutics

Naomi Kunert, Founder of the Self Reconnection Method, is an accomplished and renowned transpersonal therapist and spiritual guide with...

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How to smell out a good deal when buying a business

Today, our guest is Trevor Van Heemert. After briefly attempting employment in his early 20s, Trevor resigned with no...

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Les bénéfices de la méditation, entreprendre différemment!

Marie-Ève Lécine, c.o. organisationnel, MBA dédie sa carrière à améliorer la santé psychologique des organisations. Avec plus de 18...

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Découvrez les produits santé, vegan et bio de Smile Organic Co ainsi que le parcours de la présidente de cette entreprise

Smile Organic Co. est le fruit d’une idée originale de la naturopathe Delphine Boillot, avocate corporative et mère de...

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Dans la jungle du réseautage avec Réjean Gauthier

Réjean Gauthier est le guide qui accompagne les entrepreneurs et les gestionnaires d’entreprises dans ses entrevues. Son émission est...

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On a mission to reshape the pretzel experience

Ashley Ehmann is the Co-Founder of TWIGZ Pretzels. Formally trained as a teacher, she enjoys the daily unique challenges...

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Persevering through tough times

Mark Freeland is the Founder and Distiller of Two Rivers Distillery. He graduated from the class of ’99 from...

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The Savvy Socialite empowering small businesses to flourish on social media

Carolynne Scoffield, known as the “Savvy Socialite,” has made her mark in Calgary’s marketing sphere, defying the setbacks of...

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Unconventional Lessons for Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Mike Fata co-founded Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods in 1998. From 1998 to 2016, he ran all aspects of the...

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When you start a business make sure you’re passionate and that’ll take some time

Michael Okoye is the co-founder and CEO of ADAM (All-life Digital Asset Manager). Michael began his remarkable journey with...

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Creating Smart Money and Reinventing Customer Experiences in the Wealth Management Industry

After graduating with his honors degree in finance and marketing Grant White of Endeavour Wealth Management entered the financial...

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Revolutionizing renewable energy with its scalable modular dams

Aslan Renewables, a PEI-based company founded by successful tech entrepreneur Andrew Murray, is revolutionizing renewable energy with its scalable...

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Purush Cannane is the king of upcycle, the bigger sister to recycling

Purushothaman Cannane (Purush) creatively combined his engineering skill, passion for solving environmental problems, and his drive to help vulnerable...

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Simplifying accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses

Rob Boynes is the co-founder of huumans, Canada’s first modern accounting and bookkeeping company aimed entirely at small businesses....

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