Innovative department concept housing over 30 Indigenous brands and collaborations with Indigenous artists

Chelsee Pettit was always passionate about fashion as a means of artistic expression. She is a member of Aaamjiwnaang...

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The challenges of operating an Indigenous security company

Will Rogers is the President of Nish Security Services. Will is an Anishinaabe from Alderville First Nation Ontario. As...

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The challenges of moving from a service-based to product-based business

Victoria Marshman is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, marketer, community leader, and dance educator. Born and raised in Scarborough,...

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Mix in some research. Bake in your craft

The Tattons are the co-founders of BReD, a B Corp-certified vegan sourdough bakery located in the premier ski and...

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Empower Women with Holistic Health

Aeryon Ashlie is a holistic nutritionist, author, keynote speaker, and founder of Aeryon Wellness Support Supplements. Her female-focused brand...

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Be kind to you

As someone who loves the outdoors, problem-solving, and helping others, Guita Yazdani started Campertunity, which is like Airbnb but...

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Dans la jungle du réseautage avec Réjean Gauthier

Réjean Gauthier est le guide qui accompagne les entrepreneurs et les gestionnaires d’entreprises dans ses entrevues. Son émission est...

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Comment développer son plein potentiel – Quebec, Canada’s Podcast

Thierry Joubert, investisseur immobilier détenant 32 millions d’actifs et 245 logements en partenariat, est reconnu pour son expertise en...

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La Femme Derrière Le Prêt-à-Boire Bubble Tea!

C’est en 2015, suite à ma diplomation de l’Université Laval à Québec, que je débuta ma carrière professionnelle en...

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Mickey Mouse can never have a bad day

Brad Warren is the CEO and Founder of Our Invisible Empire, a company dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and small...

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The Prince of the Blues

Gary Martin is a dynamic and uplifting musician who brings authenticity, excitement, deep expression, and emotion to his performances....

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When you start a business make sure you’re passionate and that’ll take some time

Michael Okoye is the co-founder and CEO of ADAM (All-life Digital Asset Manager). Michael began his remarkable journey with...

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Creating Smart Money and Reinventing Customer Experiences in the Wealth Management Industry

After graduating with his honors degree in finance and marketing Grant White of Endeavour Wealth Management entered the financial...

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Candice Bakx-Friesen is a Top Performing Realtor, Entrepreneur, Money Coach, and Speaker

Candice Bakx-Friesen (www.candicebakxfriesen.com) is passionate about helping people reach their financial dreams. She is a highly motivated woman who has...

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Purush Cannane is the king of upcycle, the bigger sister to recycling

Purushothaman Cannane (Purush) creatively combined his engineering skill, passion for solving environmental problems, and his drive to help vulnerable...

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Simplifying accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses

Rob Boynes is the co-founder of huumans, Canada’s first modern accounting and bookkeeping company aimed entirely at small businesses....

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Be the entrepreneur that you want to be

Nick Mombourquette is the founder and president of NewGround Financial Inc. NewGround specializes in employee benefits programs for SMB’s...

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