Dans la jungle du réseautage avec Réjean Gauthier

Réjean Gauthier est le guide qui accompagne les entrepreneurs et les gestionnaires d’entreprises dans ses entrevues. Son émission est axée sur l’échange de savoir, la collaboration et l’épanouissement personnel & professionnel. Réjean a le bonheur d’échanger avec des gestionnaires et entrepreneurs de tous les domaines. Plus de 560 entrevues depuis 2017, qui se sont déroulées...

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Mickey Mouse can never have a bad day

Brad Warren is the CEO and Founder of Our Invisible Empire, a company dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses. His passion revolves around helping entrepreneurs surmount challenges, with a strong belief that solutions can be found for almost any business problem. Brad’s leadership principles emphasize self-awareness, working diligently, remaining adaptable, and executing consistently! In...

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Taking the lessons from the farm to run a successful business

Nathasha Vandenhurk is CEO and co-founder of Three Farmers Foods Inc., a privately held corporation based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is a trusted brand known for providing foods with natural goodness. Functioning as an integrated organization, Three Farmers delivers nourishing food in a sustainable manner, adhering to the principles of Canadian farming. Their products are...

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Innovative department concept housing over 30 Indigenous brands and collaborations with Indigenous artists

Chelsee Pettit was always passionate about fashion as a means of artistic expression. She is a member of Aaamjiwnaang First Nations but, growing up in Sarnia, ON, she struggled to keep her roots in her heritage while fitting in with white society. Seeing the conditions and lack of pride that has been instilled in many...

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The Prince of the Blues

Gary Martin is a dynamic and uplifting musician who brings authenticity, excitement, deep expression, and emotion to his performances. Focusing on a personal connection to his audience, engaging and interacting with them, Gary leaves them invigorated, inspired, and motivated creating a memorable experience they will always remember and share. A passionate and spiritual performer Gary...

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The challenges of operating an Indigenous security company

Will Rogers is the President of Nish Security Services. Will is an Anishinaabe from Alderville First Nation Ontario. As President of Nish Security, he focuses on securing assets, people, sites, and special events. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of Canada’s economy. To support Canada’s businesses, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Want to stay up-to-date...

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We talk to the entrepreneurs who are making it happen throughout Canada.​

Finally, a national podcast company that creates an active online community for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs so they can stay connected locally and to let the world know how Entrepreneurs in Canada make things happen

VIDEO: Lenders signaling optimism in real estate: CBRE

In this video interview, Carmin Di Fiore, Executive Vice President of CBRE’s Debt and Structured Finance team, discusses the real estate company’s latest Canadian Real Estate Lenders’ Report. Di Fiore talks about how lenders are feeling about the market right now, what cities in Canada are seeing investment, what assets are attractive today, how the...

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