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We talk to the entrepreneurs who are making it happen here throughout Canada. Finally, a national podcast company that creates an active online community for entrepreneurs so they can stay connected locally and to let the world know what’s going on in Canada.

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. It’s impacting business across Canada and the world. Learn more about the virus and the steps you should be taking for your business, yourself and others. Learn more on the World Health Organization Website.


We talk to all entrepreneurs

Canada’s Podcast interviews entrepreneurs and business leaders in Canada to keep them informed on what’s going on throughout the country and globally, enabling everyone to connect and network with all our guests. Each episode interviews a unique Canadian entrepreneur from each city and provides both a national and international platform for them to discuss their business and journey.

We’re also interviewing and recognizing some of Canada’s well respected artists, musicians and amazing cultural influencers. After all, we believe authors, artists and anyone that has a creative endeavour is an entrepreneur. If they have a real passion and real business, we will have them on the show, from right across Canada.

Recent Episodes

Listen to our most recent interviews and hear what all these Canadian entrepreneurs have to say.  From all walks of life. We ask them about their business, what it’s like doing business in the city they operate in, how they are expanding globally, networking events they attend, advice they’ve received and can pass along to you; how they got started, even where they go to think and so much more. There is something for everyone to learn from these entrepreneurs. Now enjoy the shows from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec:

Nora Jenkins Townson is Founder of Bright + Early, An Unconventional HR Consultancy

Nora Jenkins Townson is the founder of Bright + Early, an unconventional HR consultancy that has helped some...

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Christine Hall Discusses How Traumas of Childhood, COVID & Racial Tensions are Creating an Impact

Transitioning from in-person practitioner visits to online sessions has been presently surprising. As a specialist in...

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Karen Barry, Founder/CEO of the Beltline Cannabis Retail Store and Owner of Barry Commercial Real Estate

Karen Barry is Founder/CEO of the Beltline Cannabis retail store as well as owner of Barry Commercial Real Estate...

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Canada is entrepreneur friendly and there are lots of products, services, people, technology, networking groups, chambers of commerce and lots more that entrepreneurs have access to so they can build the company they’ve always dreamed of, no matter how big or small they want to stay.

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