Success is not final…and failure is not fatal

Tamara Martin believes “Success is not final…and failure is not fatal”. It’s the courage to continue that count. She is the owner of Mirror Image Vacation Rental Services. Born and raised in Kelowna BC in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. And In Kelowna it’s all about tourism. Whether it be world-class wineries, champagne powder at Big...

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Entrepreneurship is about building equity and controlling what you can to build that equity

With two decades in capital markets, Kola Malcom brings deep financial experience to his chosen entrepreneurial career. Kola is an evidence-based mortgage planner with a relaxed. pragmatic approach focused on customizing mortgages. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of Canada’s economy. To support Canada’s businesses, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Want to stay up-to-date on...

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Invest in yourself! Tracking, planning and marketing are the keys to success

Bryan Macaulay is a visual storyteller. Since his father opened Village Studio in 1977, Bryan has been providing timeless photography to Grimsby and the Niagara area. His experiences over the last 30 years in the business have been life-changing. His entrepreneurial resolve, drive, and creativity have allowed him to pivot the business which has kept...

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Owner Organization: Self Reconnection Therapeutics

Naomi Kunert, Founder of the Self Reconnection Method, is an accomplished and renowned transpersonal therapist and spiritual guide with over 25 years of experience in successfully empowering her clients to overcome physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma. The Self-Reconnection Method is an integrative healing system, that activates a person’s inner healing mechanism, allowing for reconnection on...

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How to smell out a good deal when buying a business

Today, our guest is Trevor Van Heemert. After briefly attempting employment in his early 20s, Trevor resigned with no plan and bought a $150 bike trailer for scooping up merch from street-side free piles for consignment. That fateful purchase led to the offer to take over a struggling bicycle-based compost pickup operation in Victoria called...

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Exploring the Transition: From Corporate to Entrepreneurial Drive

Kim Tabac is a dynamic business executive with over 25 years of experience designing and executing people & culture strategies for leading organizations across various industries. Best known for building high-performing teams, designing game-changing employee engagement strategies, developing differentiated and irresistible employee experiences, delivering highly valued health & wellness programs, and driving the adoption of...

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