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Sharing successful entrepreneurial stories

Faisal Karmali is an author, business expert and media personality, business and market expert for 770CHQR and CTV Morning Live in Calgary, and an entrepreneur. He brings his passion for helping people succeed in their businesses to his interviews and advice straight to you. The Karmali Exchange with Faisal Karmali is a monthly web show...

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Creating a Culture for Success

Marcus New is a pioneer in the pre-IPO asset class, with a career that spans over three decades in the private and public financial markets. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InvestX, a firm headquartered in Vancouver, that delivers access and liquidity to the growth equity asset class and empowers the sell-side...

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Improving social outcomes and launching products into underserved markets

Justin Sweeney is a social entrepreneur who uses the tools of business and finance to improve social outcomes and launch products into underserved markets. He leads an eco-friendly cosmetics company (alongside his wife, Judith) that specializes in healing salves and great-smelling daily-care products for eczema and sensitive skin. On the finance side, he has managed...

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Emphasizing safety and service in the trucking business

Matthew Halstead is president of Sharp Trucking Services, joining the company in 2020 as general manager. He began his career in logistics and transportation in 1994. He has extensive management and leadership experience in specialized bulk transportation, serving the mining, industrial, and commercial and retail oil and gas sectors. Having led a variety of transportation...

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It helps to know that someone is in your corner to help solve challenges

Helen Huang is the Co-Founder at Co.Lab, an online school focused on helping non-traditional technologists gain confidence, credibility, and community. As an earth scientist turned product manager turned startup founder Helen has a unique perspective to tackle entrepreneurship as a whole. After leaving her mark at companies such as Zynga, Microsoft, and Github, she now...

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Believe in Your Vision

Having been raised from a bloodline of great artists and musicians from Germany, Andreas Kunert’s unique artistic talents and ability to perceive the Fibonacci Sequence, informed his perception of the world. Observing this pattern in nature, people and stone has greatly influenced his life and work. When Andreas started K2 Stone Quarries on Vancouver Island...

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We talk to the entrepreneurs who are making it happen throughout Canada.​

Finally, a national podcast company that creates an active online community for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs so they can stay connected locally and to let the world know how Entrepreneurs in Canada make things happen

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