Bill Collins

Bill Collins is President of Cascadia Seaweed. He has lived in four countries and been on most continents. He has been involved in scientific expeditions in oceans around the world and sold products into more than 40 countries, including 17 navies. Bill has authored more than 60 publications and given presentations on topics ranging from Grand Banks sediments to dredging in the Elbe River, Germany to Big Data. As part of a trio of owners in a high-tech manufacturing firm, he has products in 18 of the major passenger rail authorities in North America, taking an award-winning business from $3M net worth to over $30M.

Frédéric Verville

En l’honneur du jour du Souvenir, nous sommes fiers de vous présenter un épisode spécial présenté par le podcast canadien et la Fondation du prince au Canada une œuvre de bienfaisance nationale créée par Son Altesse Royale le prince de Galles. La Fondation du prince au Canada est une organisation patrimoniale commune qui aide les anciens combattants dans leurs nouveaux rôles et activités après avoir servi dans les forces armées.

Frédéric Verville est Vice-Président chez PilKi, une entreprise qui produit des infusions à base de thé du Labrador avec des ingrédients du terroir québécois. Il commercialise des tisanes naturelles, pour rendre accessibles à grande échelle les ressources de la forêt boréale.

Cumulant sept ans d’expérience dans les Forces canadiennes, il est à ce jour technicien d’approvisionnement où il gère couramment le système de planification des ressources de l’entreprise et approvisionne la mécanique des hélicoptères. Il possède aussi un baccalauréat et une maitrise en théologie, qui lui a permis de développer des techniques de recherche rapides et une rigueur intellectuelle.

Frédéric est en charge chez PilKi du développent web, du marketing digital, de l’approvisionnement et leur propre système de planification des ressources personnalisé.

Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter cet épisode le jour de Remembrance afin de rendre hommage à tous les anciens combattants qui ont servi et continuent de servir le Canada. Pour en savoir plus ou faire un don à la Fondation du prince au Canada, visitez leur site web la Fondation du prince au Canada. Ne l’oublions pas.

Wendy Giuffre

Wendy Giuffre is the President and Principal Consultant for Wendy Ellen Inc. She is also the co-author of The Only HR Best Practice You’ll Ever Need. Wendy provides a grassroots, common sense approach that helps her clients to simplify their people management and create healthy, sustainable workplace cultures where people love to come to work. She is also a sought-after HR expert for the media, keynote speaker and contributor to various HR specialty print media. Wendy consults with small to medium-sized organizations in all industries based in and around Western Canada and US affiliates.

Eric Gilbert Williams

Eric Gilbert Williams is a Canadian entrepreneur, business mentor, inventor and author in progress. He grew his last venture to 60 people, several million in annual revenue and reached the #20 spot for fastest growing company in Canada as per the Growth 500 list.

As a teenager, he struggled with drugs and gangs but found redemption through embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit with a laser like intensity.

Eric is now helping other entrepreneurs with their businesses and is writing a book to help struggling teenagers and their families experience a similar type of redemption and success in life.

Laura Fortey

Laura Fortey is Co-Founder and CMO of REITIUM. REITIUM is a platform to speed up global real estate transactions with near instant clearing and settling, lower costs, reduce fraud and help democratize real estate.

John Hakim

John Hakim is a solutions architect with over 10 years of experience in building mission-critical systems for telecom, public safety, and enterprise internationally. Most recently his focus has been dedicated to building advanced solutions for the financial technology industry. As co-founder and CTO of Lenmo, John drives the engineering and operation teams. He is responsible for the application’s overall development lifecycle and product roadmap. Although he comes from a blue-chip company background he has caught the entrepreneurial bug and now is actively building Lenmo, a peer-to-peer lending app that connects people looking to borrow money with investors looking to make money.

Maria Greicer

Maria Greicer is Founder of OpenMLS, which is a marketplace for resale real estate. It connects home owners and people that are looking for homes, removing the need for a real estate agent.

Mark Doble

Mark Doble is CEO of Alexsei – an advanced artificial intelligence platform delivering affordable and high-quality answers to legal questions in memo format. He is a lawyer and a software developer with a passion for leveraging software to make the law more affordable and understandable. He received his J.D. from Queen’s University. His new venture Alexsei is using artificial intelligence to transform the practice of law in dramatic fashion. In a previous life was a professional cross-country ski racer and coach. Mark also holds a patent for snow gliding devices that allows for non-linear flex in alpine and cross-country skis.

Sugeevan Shanmuganathan

Sugeevan Shanmuganathan is Founder and CEO of The Dunya Project. The Dunya Project is designed to provide villages the power, technology and knowledge to use a community greenhouse to grow produce more efficiently and effectively.

Tara Clark

Tara Clark is the founder, owner, and CEO of Vancouver-based social media agency, Social T. For the past nine years she has offered executive consulting, training and management to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. As a social media architect, entrepreneur, and speaker, Tara is focused on helping businesses think differently and use social media effectively in order to achieve their goals. She helps brands engage with existing customers and tap into new audiences using their social media networks. Passionate about empowering those around her, Tara believes in building lasting connections with business owners who share her entrepreneurial spirit.