A Flower Shop Named After a Shakespearean Character

Marika Styba is the Owner of Peaseblossoms, which opened its doors in 1995 with a unique name based on the work of playwright William Shakespeare.

Peaseblossom was an attending flower fairy to Titania the fairy queen in William Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. As time wore on, by the Victorian Era, a peaseblossom became synonymous with simply being a flower fairy. Sweet, charming and whimsical are all traits Styba loves about her shop and she thinks the name suits them to a ‘t’. The small flower shop has seen steady business in the past year even during the pandemic as people continue to want connections with others through the beauty of flowers.

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Solve a problem you’ve experienced and do everything for as long as possible

Laura Nezri Chetrit is the Founder & Creative Director of Maison Tess.; an online Canadian luxury home linen brand, offering premium-quality and sustainable bedding that brings your home to life. With a background in fashion and real estate, Laura launched Maison Tess. in 2017– who, when decorating her dream family home, realized there was a gap in the market when it came to finding bedding that was both practical and stylish. As Laura explains, “We aim to help people dress their homes the same way they do their wardrobe. With fashion, people dress to show an authentic expression of who they are and that is exactly the feeling we want to bring into your home.” Laura named Maison Tess. after her family; T for Thomas, her husband, E for her son Elie, and double S for her daughter Sasha.

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Quand le Girlpower mène un mouvement de sacs véganes

Mélissa Lambert est une femme de tête et de convictions qui, ne trouvant pas le produit de ses rêves sur le marché, a décidé de lancer sa propre marque de sacs à dos et sacs à main. Avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience en communication et en gestion de marque, Mélissa a voulu se lancer un nouveau défi; celui de réinventer la mode du sac à dos. Étant convaincue qu’il est possible d’allier confort avec élégance, l’entrepreneur lance sa marque de sac en cuir végane, certifié Peta en 2017. Lambert est issu d’une histoire d’amour entre la maternité et l’envie de changer le monde, un achat consciencieux à la fois. C’est lorsqu’elle attendait son 3ème enfant que Mélissa eut l’idée de lancer son entreprise, avec le rêve d’un modèle d’affaires responsable, écologique et du slow fashion.

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Thomas Girard, Emerging Scholar award recipient discusses the evolution of design & where it’s going

Thomas Girard ( is a 4x Emerging Scholar award recipient and has taught undergraduate level interaction design in three countries. One of his notable Emerging Scholar awards was granted at the Design Principles and Practices Conference in Barcelona, Spain, where the theme was “No Boundaries Design”. He is based in Vancouver, Canada, where he was born and educated.

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Doug Van Spronsen

Doug Van Spronsen is a Partner at Versett a product design and technology company.

Carmen Darley

Carmen Darley is an artist, mother, motivator, and an advocate for mental health and positive thinking. After years of having a sought-after corporate role at American Express, Carmen realized that her life needed to shift in a different direction. She had been painting and exploring art since she was a child, but never pursued it. Through life experiences and learning, in 2016, Carmen decided to take the leap and pursue a career as an artist, and founded Carli’s Paintings. She found solace in her art, and found her calling as an entrepreneur.

Carmen creates “shatter-proof”, original, and unique, resin décor that has become very popular in Toronto and is sold in over a dozen stores across the province, as well as online on Etsy. Carmen has an entrepreneurial mindset and is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and where to grow her business next. She is a popular motivator and influencer in Toronto, with a passion for empowering other female entrepreneurs. Carmen was recently a keynote speaker at the Toronto Business Babes Conference 2019, telling her story about her struggles, at times difficult, and how they shaped the person and entrepreneur she is today.

Her mission is to continue to create beautiful pieces that transform into functional and versatile home décor, as well as to empower other dreamers to pursue their life-long aspirations.

Connor Curran

Connor Curran is one of the co-owners of Local Laundry, a Canadian made garments company that uses clothing as a vehicle to build community. Connor started Local Laundry four years ago after Googling: ‘How To Start A T-Shirt Company’ and watching a YouTube video. Now Connor works on Local Laundry full time with a commitment to donate over $1 Million to local charities across Canada. Local Laundry can be found in over 20 stores across Canada and is heralding the importance of supporting Canadian manufacturing.

Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier is a dynamic, strategic visionary with a long history of creating value for businesses. In his role as Partner and Executive Producer at Moment Factory, he has strategically overseen the growth of the studio while also providing proactive leadership and direction on major projects. Under his guidance, Moment Factory now operates in Tokyo, New York City, Los Angeles and London and soon Toronto. Creative and curious, Eric excels at identifying opportunities that will fully activate Moment Factory’s unique and diverse collection of expertise. Eric holds an MBA from McGill University and a BBA from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Lauryn Vaughn

Lauryn Vaughn is CEO and Founder of the upside, Canada’s largest online luxury resale retailer. Born and raised in a small town in Western Canada, Lauryn developed her passion for the resale market when she moved to Paris, learning how to look chic on a budget overseas. She recognized early there was a gap in the North American market for luxury resale, and created the upside in 2015.

Josephine Kwan

Josephine Kwan, Founder of Flow 2 Freedom Apparel, is a visionary and self-motivated entrepreneur with over a decade of diverse business experience in commercial real estate, sales and marketing, negotiations, acquisitions and dispositions, operations, finance and management.

Josephine has a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBC, has volunteered with the Breakfast Club of Canada, Habitat for Humanity and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, has been a performance coach for CEO’s and Executives, and in her own consulting business reconnects visionary business leaders to their purpose, including operations, business development, marketing, team building and performance coaching then build their future business strategies and ensure effective and timely execution.

Today, this Vancouver based entrepreneur is applying those techniques to her latest entrepreneurial pursuit, and is leveraging the power of a childhood trauma to transform the lives of niche elite athletes and active women with an innovative line of sustainable activewear.