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From farm to fashion – this Halifax entrepreneur talks SLOW FASHION

Rivers Corbett |

Laura McNutt’s post secondary education prepared her for a lifetime of creative pursuits: Laura studied Fine Arts, Environmental Design, then earned a Masters of Architecture at Technical University of Nova Scotia. Following 15 years in the architecture industry, she taught I.B. Fine Art, and engaged in the film industry.

Laura’s professional design career crossed film, architecture, fine art, and design fields, throughout Canada, Bermuda, Switzerland, USA, and Finland. She currently operates a design/build business, designed in the film industry, and taught prep school Fine Art.

Laura was an inaugural member of the Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership, awarded a number of RFP artwork installations in Halifax Regional Municipality, and recently chaired the Awards Committee of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia. As Laura the entrepreneur, also operates a boutique vintage shop, KingsPIER Curated Collections, which is the entrepreneurial culmination of decades of passion for heritage, craftsmanship, fashion, and sustainability.

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