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Steven Salz is the co-founder of Rivalry Corp, an internationally-regulated sports betting and media company that was recently listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange. Prior to starting Rivalry, Steven worked in the finance industry; both as an analyst at a boutique investment firm, and in asset management at Scotiabank. Steven also had a brief stint in the defence industry and graduated from the University of Waterloo. A passionate gamer, he competed in his first esports tournament over a decade ago and is excited to bring his visions to life at Rivalry.

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Jeff Lydell

Jeff Lydell is the founder of Gasket Games, a native of Vancouver, and has a 14 year production and biz-dev background at Blackbird Interactive, Bigpoint, and Relic Entertainment. His shipped titles include Company of Heroes, Dawn of War II and expansions, and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.