Changing the landscape for Canadian songwriters

Brittni Noble is a songwriter from Vancouver, Canada who has been performing in front of audiences with her R&B influenced vocals and original songs since she was 12 years old. Brittni went on to graduate from Vancouver Community College’s Jazz and Contemporary Voice program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Music and proceeded to teach children, private voice lessons and musical theatre for three years in Vancouver. In 2015, Brittni earned a scholarship to Berklee School of Music where she studied Songwriting and Vocal Performance before moving to LA and attending Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Songwriting. While studying at LACM, Brittni worked as a Digital Marketer at LA-based record label, Three Seventy Music Group. She also Interned at 411 Music Group to learn more about the music publishing industry and which is where the idea for be noble was born. Brittni moved back to Vancouver in 2019 and worked as the Head of Music and Voice at a Marketing and Advertising agency until the pandemic hit. With this sudden shift in her life, Brittni decided to pursue her passion of music publishing and helping other songwriters, launching be noble in January 2021 while continuing to work as Head of Creative for the same Marketing and Advertising agency. Brittni looks forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise she has gained through her education and work experiences with other songwriters to help further their careers and act as their partner, champion and advocate.

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