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Lisa Shields, CEO of FISPAN, Talks About Why The Future of Finance and Banking is Integrated and Embedded

Robert Szmigiel |

Lisa Shields is the Chief Executive Officer at FISPAN, having founded the company in 2016 after listening to the pain points businesses experienced utilizing bank services. As a visionary CEO with an engineering background, Lisa guides FISPAN through attracting the right talent and building great products. FISPAN is based in Vancouver BC and is Lisa’s second financial technology startup — she founded and led cross-border payouts company Hyperwallet for 15 years. Recognized as a leading global payments platform, Hyperwallet was acquired by PayPal in 2018. Lisa is a member of the Canadian FinPay Committee and was named the EY Regional Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2015. A firm believer in inclusive commerce, Lisa is always looking for new ways to unite ecosystem participants for the benefit of end users.

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