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How two engineers teamed up to produce a better night’s sleep

Robert Szmigiel |

Marty Furse has a BASc in Engineering Physics from UBC, was General Manager of International Business at Creo Inc (now Kodak), and subsequently co-founder and CEO of two successful high-tech imaging companies, QImaging Corp. and Prosilica Inc., both of which were sold to their leading competitors achieving excellent returns for investors. Marty’s broad experience includes strategic management, technology development, manufacturing, design, project management, sales and marketing, and international distribution.

Jason Elliott holds a BASc in Systems Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a MASc in Mechanical Engineering from UBC. Jason has extensive product development experience in various industries including fuel cell technology, laser optics, precision mechanics, and solar energy. He has worked many products from concept through manufacturing and sales. Jason also has many years’ experience managing large global product development and manufacturing teams to achieve challenging product delivery goals.

Perfectly Snug Inc. was founded November 18, 2018 to develop a product solution for people who experience temperature-related sleep problems. They developed an air-conditioned mattress topper that both cools and heats each side of the bed using smart sensors and controls to regulate sleep temperature. Their patent-pending Smart Topper is placed on top of the customer’s bed and is designed to preserve the underlying character of the bed (whether soft, or firm, etc.), and is provided with low voltage DC power to safely operate the fans and heaters embedded in the topper and controlled by either a smartphone app, or by manual controls located on the sides of the topper.

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