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Terry Sydoryk

Terry Sydoryk is CEO of Chaordix which specializes in establishing online communities for brands like LEGO, Rust-Oleum, American Airlines and SMART Technologies so they can engage with consumers, fans and stakeholders on deeper level.

Doug Mochrie

Doug Mochrie is the Founder and CEO of AIRO.LIFE, an innovative technology company disrupting the norm, and on a mission to bring the world free access to information, with a means to education. They do this with AIRO.LIFE’s Be Free Phone, where end-users no longer have to pay for smartphones and data plans and other incredible products that are currently being developed. Doug’s journey and evolution to AIRO.LIFE has been an exciting roller coaster that led to his mission to help people and the planet. From action sports athlete to attending school for finance and marketing, then being accepted as a MARS Officer and Armoured Officer to injury to later starting a digital media company – Holeshot1 Media, his entrepreneurial journey is rich and filled with applicable insights for other entrepreneurs.

Lance Montgomery

Lance Montgomery is CEO of HeyBryan, which is backed by the HGTV’s star Bryan Baeumler, one of Canada’s most trusted home renovation experts. HeyBryan is revolutionizing the home-maintenance industry with an app that enables people to effortlessly book small tasks around the home by matching homeowners with top-quality, local, vetted and approved home maintenance Experts.

Galen Nuttall

Galen Nuttall describes himself as a father, husband, triathlete, photographer, volunteer and, of course an entrepreneur. Originally set for a career in teaching with a Masters in Education, he is a citizen of three countries and came to Canada nine years ago. Based in Belleville he’s been building a business in financial services across Canada. Galen is also a podcaster, a writer and a really interesting life observer.

Fawn Annan

Fawn Annan describes herself a builder of ideas, teams, community and business growth. Her domain is digital media. I know her as an executive Leader and a high achiever in business. She know the world of IT and technology deeply and is driven by innovation and striving for Women’s recognition in business. Amongst her responsibilities, Fawn is the President and Group Publisher of IT World Canada/IDG Canada, the largest global IT media company located in 87 countries. In 2012 she received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award for her contribution to the IT industry. In 2017 she was awarded the MISA/ASIM Dennis Steen Award and the RBC/CATA Sara Kirke Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation recognizing her contributions to the industry.

Antonio Aleman

Antonio Aleman est Président et Cofondateur de Hyumeet. Hyumeet facilite l’humanisation du processus de recrutement et va plus loin que le “match parfait”. Nous permettons de concilier la personnalité, les valeurs et les intérêts des talents avec ceux des employeurs dès le début du processus.

Plus précisément, Hyumeet innove dans le processus de recrutement en utilisant une approche de contrat psychologique, à savoir les ententes non écrites et les obligations informelles entre un employeur et ses employés en ce qui concerne leurs attentes mutuelles quant à la manière dont chacun s’acquittera de ses rôles respectifs. Dans une entreprise, le contrat psychologique peut inclure des éléments tels que le niveau d’engagement des employés, la satisfaction au travail et la qualité des conditions de travail. Hyumeet utilise cette approche et la met en valeur en y ajoutant des valeurs mutuelles, des besoins personnels et professionnels, des motivations personnelles et des traits de personnalité vérifiés pour correspondre à l’offre d’emploi et à la culture de l’entreprise. L’équipe Hyumeet est originaire de Québec!

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John Hakim

John Hakim is a solutions architect with over 10 years of experience in building mission-critical systems for telecom, public safety, and enterprise internationally. Most recently his focus has been dedicated to building advanced solutions for the financial technology industry. As co-founder and CTO of Lenmo, John drives the engineering and operation teams. He is responsible for the application’s overall development lifecycle and product roadmap. Although he comes from a blue-chip company background he has caught the entrepreneurial bug and now is actively building Lenmo, a peer-to-peer lending app that connects people looking to borrow money with investors looking to make money.

Robert Price

Robert Price is one of the founders and the CEO of Bōde, a new peer-to-peer real estate platform that just launched in Alberta. Previously, Robert was a senior executive at Alberta telecom disruptor Axia, which brought high performing low-cost fiber infrastructure to customers in Alberta, the US, France and Singapore. Robert thrives in leading high performing teams who deliver amazing customer experiences and meet critical revenue objectives. With Bōde, he’s brought together an all-star team, including his father and sister, that is shaking up the real estate industry like never before.

Gabriel Musso

Gabriel Musso is the Chief Science Officer at BioSymetrics Inc., which applies technology and machine learning to improve drug discovery & research, improve diagnostics & precision medicine and improve institutional operations and efficiency.

Rakesh Soni

As CEO and Co-Founder of LoginRadiusRakesh Soni has raised over $20 million for the company and built it into a leader in Digital Identity, securing over 1 billion user identities worldwide.