Renaud Laliberté est avocat à son compte. Il nous parle de son parcours d’entrepreneur mais aussi de l’importance pour lui de l’équilibre travail et vie de famille!

Renaud Laliberté est avocat à son compte. Il nous parle de son parcours d’entrepreneur mais aussi de l’importance pour lui de l’équilibre travail et vie de famille! Une entrevue qui nous fait méditer sur ce concept! A écouter!

Me Renaud Laliberté a fondé son cabinet Services juridiques Laliberté inc.. Il est un nom reconnu dans les secteurs internationaux du logiciel et de la fabrication, grâce à des années d’expérience obtenues dans des cabinets juridiques de premier rang, à des postes de direction juridique, et en tant que conseiller juridique en interne pour des entreprises du Fortune 500.

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Brett Colvin’s Goodlawyer is Providing Legal Advice On-Demand & Helping Innovate the Legal System

Dating back to law school, Brett Colvin had kept abreast of the access-to-justice crisis. According to Clio’s legal trends report, roughly 77% of legal needs in North America go unmet. Bloated billable hours and the intimidating prospect of hiring a lawyer leave countless business owners with out the legal help they need. As a corporate lawyer, I realized early on that I would never be able to afford my hourly rate if I were to start my own business. This troubling insight led to my obsession in transforming the traditional law firm model in a way that allowed lawyers to work more efficiently and, as a result, help more people. Goodlawyer was born out of that need, and my desire to increase access and affordability to quality legal services for startups and entrepreneurs like myself. Goodlawyer provides an on-demand, “a la carte” legal services marketplace that allows business owners to get professional legal help more efficiently — at a fraction of firm rates. This year to date, we are proud to have helped over 700 businesses across Canada with a modern approach to hiring a good lawyer.

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Stephen Monk Discusses the Pros of Operating His Law Service Remotely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Steve Monk prides himself on being a failed engineer and a failed lawyer who finally found something he can do when he began working in business. Once in business, he worked for some huge companies before becoming a reluctant entrepreneur. His business, CEO Law, is built on the promise of unbeatable lawyers delivering unbeatable value with attention to customer service. Traditional law is broken. Steve is trying to fix it!

Andrea Sesum

Andrea Sesum is a founder of Ontario College of Business & Law, co-founder of Technology Factory, founder of Women’s Paralegal Association of Ontario, passionate & innovative entrepreneur, educator, board member, author, keynote speaker and winner of 2015 City of Toronto Access, Equity & Human Rights Constance E. Focusing on the advancement of women in the legal profession & career advancement of immigrants in Toronto, Andrea was noted as the CSPN’s Leader in Diversity & Inclusion.

Mark Doble

Mark Doble is CEO of Alexsei – an advanced artificial intelligence platform delivering affordable and high-quality answers to legal questions in memo format. He is a lawyer and a software developer with a passion for leveraging software to make the law more affordable and understandable. He received his J.D. from Queen’s University. His new venture Alexsei is using artificial intelligence to transform the practice of law in dramatic fashion. In a previous life was a professional cross-country ski racer and coach. Mark also holds a patent for snow gliding devices that allows for non-linear flex in alpine and cross-country skis.