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Brett Colvin’s Goodlawyer is Providing Legal Advice On-Demand & Helping Innovate the Legal System

Angie Barnard |

Dating back to law school, Brett Colvin had kept abreast of the access-to-justice crisis. According to Clio’s legal trends report, roughly 77% of legal needs in North America go unmet. Bloated billable hours and the intimidating prospect of hiring a lawyer leave countless business owners with out the legal help they need. As a corporate lawyer, I realized early on that I would never be able to afford my hourly rate if I were to start my own business. This troubling insight led to my obsession in transforming the traditional law firm model in a way that allowed lawyers to work more efficiently and, as a result, help more people. Goodlawyer was born out of that need, and my desire to increase access and affordability to quality legal services for startups and entrepreneurs like myself. Goodlawyer provides an on-demand, “a la carte” legal services marketplace that allows business owners to get professional legal help more efficiently — at a fraction of firm rates. This year to date, we are proud to have helped over 700 businesses across Canada with a modern approach to hiring a good lawyer.

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