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Lessons from a WILDLY successful Kickstarter Campaign with Quanta Vici founder Adrien Beyk

Céline Williams |

Adrien Beyk, Founder & CEO of Quanta Vici, a Toronto-based Smart Wearable tech startup that recently launched the world’s first Smart Heated Gloves and Socks.

Adrien launched his very first product at the age of 15, a full image editing software suite that got a few million downloads back in the day, known as Pixel Degrees.

He then studied Engineering at Ryerson University, after graduation he worked with various tech startups as a senior lead engineer, handling the full cycle of different products.

Today, he is leading his company, Quanta Vici towards conquering the Smart Apparel industry through a never seen before smart wearable technology that senses and maintains the temperature of your clothing according to your very own personal preferences.

He is also a strong believer in open-source venture creation, which is why he actively produces content on YouTube and Instagram, sharing his findings and methods as an Entrepreneur.

You can also find Adrien on YouTube on Instagram by Searching Adrien Beyk where he shares his experience as an entrepreneur.

Check out his crowdfunding campaign page at

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