Mitch Jacobsen, CEO of Rviita Energy Tea, Discusses the Process of Creating and Distributing a Food & Beverage Product in British Columbia

Angie Barnard |

Mitch Jacobsen started his career as a Petroleum engineer, managing the design and construction of the first two produced water ponds in Alberta, which has ultimately helped recycle thousands of cubic meters of water and saved thousands of cubic meters of fresh water usage. Working long hard hours in the oil & gas sector, Mitch and colleagues often used coffee and energy drinks for ‘energy kicks’ and to stay alert. But when Mitch witnessing his best friend have a heart attack from conventional energy drinks, he leveraged his passion for health and fitness and went to work on creating a new product in the market to provide more natural energy boosts.

Formulating the perfect naturally caffeinated, refreshing beverage was the goal, and with the help of a food-scientist Mitch started the process of developing Rviita Energy Tea – a clean pick-me-up drink made with caffeine from tea, organic honey, and vitamins, packed in one of the most carbon efficient packages on the planet. Rviita is now a company centered around inspiring others and helping people become healthier and more productive; works on principles of environmentally sustainable manufacturing & packaging throughout the lifecycle of the product. Since launching to shelves in October 2019, they have scaled to more than 150 stores with brands like Calgary Co-op, Sobeys, and Safeway. Rviita has made more than 200 deliveries of free product to nurses and doctors on the front lines of the COVID-relief effort. Their goal is to expand all across Canada and help as many people as we can.

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