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Kristian Hansen, CEO and Jake Robitaille, CMO of MNTN Discuss How They Built the World’s Most Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

Sandra Cinq-Mars |

MNTN was founded in 2018 with one mission in mind – to build the world’s most sustainable lifestyle brand. Since then we’ve been developing a planet-over-profit business model with the environment, animals, and the death of corporate greed at the forefront. We’re not here to line our own pockets, we’re here to deliver high-quality products that not only look good, feel good, and can change the world, but create a new form of global capitalism that takes every environmental factor into consideration.

Kristian Hansen, CEO of MNTN, is a multi-award winning serial Entrepreneur, explorer, and mission-driven founder currently on a journey to solve the climate crisis through eco-conscious capitalism, the power of consumerism, and data. Originally from Calgary AB, Kristian grew up in Dubai and spent the last 10 years exploring in 70+ countries building start-ups. He is currently living in Montreal, Québec.

Jake Robitaille, CMO of MNTN, was born and raised in Europe but has been living in Montreal for a little over a decade. He is an experienced public relations manager and sales representative with a bachelor’s in communication from the University of Montreal. Passionate about marketing and the creative process of advertising, his goal has always been to broaden his horizons and seek opportunities related to communicational strategies. With years of sales experience, Jake has transitioned to leading his own PR team for a hyper-sustainable startup.

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