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What farmers & consumers need to know about a global nanotechnology producing better food!

Angela Faye |

Nanotechnology allows Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to work. Imagine where we’d be without that technology! In a similar fashion, nanotechnology is used in farming & and agriculture to help primary producers move beyond 30-year old more dangerous, less effective techniques to enrol precision chemistry to produce smarter, faster, better results in farming and food production.

In this podcast, learn: i) what Canadian AgTech entrepreneurs at Vive Crop are doing to help plants get more of what they need, while supporting farmers to boost their efficiency in food and crop production; ii) about agriculture innovations that food consumers should be aware of now more than ever, iii) how Canadian and global leaders can connect with Vive about 4-10x their agriculture return-on-investment.

Dr. Darren Anderson is a co-founder and CEO of Vive Crop Protection and serves on its Board of Directors. Darren is passionate about using technology to improve the sustainability of agriculture while creating quantifiable results for growers. Darren is on the Board of CropLife America, the trade association for the pesticide industry in the USA; a member of the Advisory Committee for CHLOE, an organization committed to increasing STEM learning through agriculture and natural resources; and a founding member of ElectSTEM, a non-profit encouraging people with STEM backgrounds to run for political office.

Under Darren’s leadership, Vive has raised over $43M CAD of equity and debt, launched the first nanotechnology-enabled pesticide products that are approved by the EPA, and doubled its commercial business annually for the last 4 years. Dr. Anderson is the inventor on 13 issued patents and 44 pending applications. Dr. Anderson earned his PhD from University of Toronto as an NSERC doctoral fellow.

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