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Nathen Mazri is the World’s Youngest Garfield Licensee, Founder of GarfieldEATS and is Launching Entertainment E-Commerce Site Egeez

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Toronto-based entrepreneur and the world’s youngest Garfield licensee and founder of GarfieldEATSNathen Mazri along with corporate partner, Pascal Haider are scheduled to launch Egeez, the first tech-driven, entergaging (Entertaining + Engaging) e-commerce site dedicated to connecting fans with global entertainment brands and their collectable merchandise and food globally before Christmas 2020. Ranging from comics, celebrities, cartoons, entertainment merchandise or food are all provided for fans and geolocated targeted based on the city they live in. Egeez in onboarding licensees of major studios and licensors such as Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, WWE, Endamol Shine, Smurfs and even Penguin Random House licensed books and many more to come.

Ai technology, the Egeez website and database predicts fans IP statistics per their region to showcase the best products surrounding them to help support licensors’ overstock departments, along with meeting targeted sales and connecting consumers with their favourite products. With industries such as Mobile eCommerce, box office revenues, retail sales and a digital shopping increase of 40 percent, brands and retainers from around the world can look to corner a nice market with Egeez’s as their online provider and connector to fans globally. When Egeez launches before Christmas 2020, fans can log into the marketplace by going to or download the app in Google Play or the Apple Store to browse Egeez’s online shops from all their favourite entertainment brands globally. Egeez is a proud member of Licensing International, supporting us to onboard licensees and licensors given their 35 years of network with WWE, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, and many more. Egeez’s has initially created an online platform for entertainment brands to ‘onboard’ their overstock, whether they’re a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, restaurant or entrepreneur, as Egeez’s is providing companies the opportunity to join the marketplace before the official launch. Egeez’s have Happiness Account Managers in every continent today onboarding official licensed products around the clock from North America to India, Europe, Asia and Middle East. As for licensees, Egeez will support their digital sales strategy during this pandemic especially and help them impress their licensor with shining quarterly royalty reports.

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