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Mix in some research. Bake in your craft

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The Tattons are the co-founders of BReD, a B Corp-certified vegan sourdough bakery located in the premier ski and mountain bike resort of Whistler, BC, Canada. The bakery specializes in sourdough and vegan baked goods. Their new debut cookbook, also called BReD, is an homage to the Tattons’ bakery and mission to inform and provide their community with cruelty-free food.

ED TATTON (he/him) is a professional chef who has been to culinary college and worked in high-end kitchens in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, but now specializes in making organic naturally leavened sourdough. As co-owner of BReD–Organic Sourdough with his wife Natasha, Ed leads a small bakery team, making and baking bread, pizza dough, and other small baked goods. These days, Ed’s food is compassionately vegan, a movement he is passionately excited to be part of and help grow for the benefit of people, animals, and the planet.

NATASHA TATTON (she/her) is an English teacher turned bakery manager, animal rights advocate and co-founder of BReD–Organic Sourdough, a B Corp-certified 100% plant-based café/bakery in Whistler, BC. Natasha has taught English all over the world but now leads a small front-of-house team of cashiers and baristas. She has ventured into various food and beverage roles, nurturing her desire to establish a vegan eatery to provide more compassionate food choices for people.

The bakery specializes in sourdough loaves and sourdough cinnamon buns complete with house-made vegan cream cheeze frosting, and has many other sweet and savory vegan treats which are made using locally sourced, seasonal and organic ingredients. Everything is made in-house and baked fresh daily and served alongside their specialty beverage programme.

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