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Solving the pain point of sales-based compensation

Philip Bliss |

Nabeil Alazzam, is CEO and founder of, a Toronto-based company striving to solve the massively under-appreciated pain point of sales-based compensation. Currently the systems for calculating and awarding sales-based compensation are clunky, unwieldy and often manual, creating a lot of work for operations teams and sales professionals. Nabeil identified that automation could solve this problem, and built a system (aka that is able to take the many unique compensation problems that sales organizations face and create unified solutions that save time, money, and mental health for their customers.

Nabeil can speak to the above and more on the podcast Building a solution that works: How has experienced over 2000% revenue growth since 2016. The overlooked market of sales compensation and how is streamlining the process for over $1.5 billion commissions per year.

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