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Everyone has a story and it should guide how we live, treat each other and find purpose in our humanness

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Caroline Berglund is the founder and Principal of Talk Talk and The One Stop Special Needs Shop. She is a writer, speaker, storyteller, painter, road map-maker, novice calligrapher, lover of 4am’er’, mother, partner and philosopher.

She is a questioner, fascinated by what makes leaders tick, She’s a challenger, talker of all things communication, philanthropist, curriculum designer, lover of the Greek philosopher, squeezer of the last year of her 40s like a dog with her favourite squeaky toy. She has spent ½ of the last 25 years in the corporate world and the other ½ as a philosopher and entrepreneur.

As a philosopher and entrepreneur she’s distilled her lifelong study into three things; the importance of living an autodidactic life, digging into one’s own existential angst at all cost and finally everyone has a story, everyone. This later one is important. It can and should guide how we live, treat each other and find purpose in our humanness.

When she’s not writing, reading, teaching she set up Talk Talk…twice! This is her second run at Talk Talk and her first at standing up The One Stop Special Needs Shop.

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