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Ending plastic pollution while bringing to the world pristine Canadian spring water

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Saawan Logan was the youngest of 3 siblings was born in Fiji and moved to Canada from Australia. She is the woman who makes it all happen. She turns dreams into reality, with persistence, drive and her supercharged energy. Her sense of adventure spans globally for both work and leisure. She has worked across Asia Pacific, Australia and more recently, Canada. In her travels, the only thing she never came across was Canadian water on international shelves. After spending the majority of her career in oil and gas she ventured into entrepreneurship and started North Water. North Water is a pledge to end plastic pollution while bringing to the world pristine, Canadian spring water.

North Water went operational in 2020 and has since expanded its distribution network across Canada. North Water is sourced from the Canadian Rockies and is naturally high in alkaline. North Water is currently carried in 5-star hotels, private jets, major retailers like Whole Foods Canada and more recently on movie production sets. The company is ready to expand overseas where it can showcase the great-tasting water Canada has to offer.

Amongst Saawan’s many favourite things to do, spending time in nature, travelling, and cooking top the charts. Saawan is involved in the community and is always looking at taking on volunteer initiatives where she can make a difference. She believes in hearing everyone out and providing meaningful opportunities for everyone.

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