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Inspiring imaginations that will change the world

Angela Faye |

At the core of Ken Merkel‘s work lies a profound mission—to inspire imaginations that will change the world. As Founder of Unlimit and SciFiHive, Ken empowers individuals and organizations to uncover remarkable opportunities they never imagined possible on their own. Now more than ever, we need to rally together to create a better future. Using a pioneering approach – known as the SciFiHive, participants of all ages and places can explore, get excited, imagine, storytell and prototype solutions. If you are clear on the problem you want to solve, you can participate in, sponsor or lead local, regional or global sprint with engaged experts and enthusiasts.

In today’s podcast, Ken Merkel will provide insights on his story, what exponential growth is, the magic of a sprint process – what makes it unique, what results you can expect, use cases, and how you can get engaged to imagine then build your future.

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