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It helps to know that someone is in your corner to help solve challenges

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Helen Huang is the Co-Founder at Co.Lab, an online school focused on helping non-traditional technologists gain confidence, credibility, and community. As an earth scientist turned product manager turned startup founder Helen has a unique perspective to tackle entrepreneurship as a whole. After leaving her mark at companies such as Zynga, Microsoft, and Github, she now leads Co.Lab! Since 2020, Co.Lab has graduated over 700+ non-traditional tech learners globally through our experiential learning programs, with the majority being woman-identifying and people of colour. The Co.Lab focus uproots the traditional learning system today, taking a unique hands-on, collaboration-centric approach.

May is Asian Heritage Month. Learn more at https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/campaigns/asian-heritage-month.html

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