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Sharing successful entrepreneurial stories

Faisal Karmali is an author, business expert and media personality, business and market expert for 770CHQR and CTV Morning Live in Calgary, and an entrepreneur. He brings his passion for helping people succeed in their businesses to his interviews and advice straight to you.

The Karmali Exchange with Faisal Karmali is a monthly web show and podcast, featuring successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories about how they achieved their goals, some of the challenges they have had along the way, and their advice that can help other business owners learn and grow their own companies.

He describes his mission this way:

“No entrepreneur does it by themselves. Every day, I speak to entrepreneurs about their businesses, and analyze and report on dozens of companies for thousands of people. I’ve noticed a pattern: what makes the basic building blocks of a successful business.

“I also know that entrepreneurship is a difficult, and often lonely endeavour. The best way to find solutions for your business is to talk to other entrepreneurs for insight and unique perspectives. But it’s hard to find those people to talk to when you are working so hard.

“That’s why I’ve decided to create a community to share advice, ideas and insights from experts, as well as the things I’ve learned from decades of studying successful businesses. Join us today to get the help you need to take your business to the next level.”

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