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From the Kitchen to the Dragon’s Den: How Evive Became a Top North American Nutrition Brand

Céline Williams |

What started off as a kitchen-based business and eventually went on to impress business tycoons on Dragon’s Den, is now a top North American nutrition brand spearheaded by two young entrepreneurs promoting health, nutrition, and self-care, with 300% growth year-over-year. Due to his creative thinking, Dominic Dubé and his partner and co-founder, Claudia Poulin, have changed the way healthy eating is perceived by developing frozen meal cubes that are flavourful, packed with all the necessary nutrients required for a wholesome diet, and ready in under five minutes. When you feel better, you perform better. Dubé believes that time and money should not have to be someone’s obstacle to eating healthy, and that is what Evive represents.

Dubé is truly authentic and transparent in his goal for the company, which is to promote healthy eating, reduce the ecological footprint, and empower women through a tightly-knit community of like-minded individuals. Since first launching blender-free smoothies, Dubé keeps building his business and brand, alongside 40 employees, by continuously evolving and adding new products and creating new recipes that can be enjoyed by all. Furthermore, on behalf of Evive, he has kick-started the “Plant a Tree” initiative in the hopes that Evive will obtain a carbon-neutral certification by 2023. With an active and growing online presence, Dominic Dubé and his team inspire others to want to be healthier and live to their fullest potential without having to sacrifice in the process.

Evive nutritious drinks and foods help you to live a healthy lifestyle so you feel amazing and have the time to do what makes you happy! Go to to find healthy, vegan foods and recipes and use the code canadapodcast10 for 10$ OFF your first order.

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