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Dan Bergeron is helping companies scale up with brand, marketing, sales and customer experience

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Dan Bergeron is a 25-year veteran of the marketing industry and leads Everbrave, a Calgary based growth marketing agency founded in 2015 by Dan and his two savvy business partners. With a passion for creativity and an instinct for business, Dan brings a strategic outlook to the most pressing challenges business face when trying to scale opportunity and stimulate growth. Recognized internationally for achievement in brand strategy, Dan is continually looking for opportunities to help companies disrupt the status quo, differentiate and stand out from the pack while employing cutting edge strategic, creative and technological solutions. When not obsessing over complex growth challenges, Dan can be found spending time with his family of five, camping, skiing, mountain biking and golfing throughout western Canada.

Everbrave is a Calgary based growth agency specialized in helping organizations scale up. Through a unique approach that blends creativity with brand, marketing, sales and customer experience, Everbrave takes a more comprehensive approach to the challenge’s businesses face in a high-paced competitive marketplace. Originally founded in 1999, the company became known as Everbrave Branding Group in in 2015 after the merger of RFX Brand + Communications & Squeeze Creative into one unified team. Everbrave serves a diverse group of clients ranging from start-ups to fortune 1000 companies across a broad set of verticals, including technology, health care, non-profit, hospitality, construction and many others. With a growing team of 13 specialists that span the talent spectrum, Everbrave is continually growing to serve new and existing clients throughout North America and abroad.

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