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Developing market intelligence tools for the construction industry

Mario Toneguzzi |

Chloe Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Mercator AI, a construction intelligence platform that delivers project insights for general contractors, engineering firms, real estate firms, and building project manufacturers. Prior to launching Mercator, Chloe developed market intelligence tools for business developers in the marketing and advertising space, where she helped reduce time spent on gap analyses.

With a strong background in data strategy, big data, AI, and data monetization, Chloe was able to leverage her expertise to create Mercator. Today, Mercator analyzes millions of construction data activities—from conception to post-construction—to enable early project detection, uncover risk signals and surface competitive and client insights in real-time.

Together with her Co-founder, Hogan Lee, who has a background in building high performing multi-disciplinary teams, Chloe is building a company that is at the forefront of industry intelligence and innovation.

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