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Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt brings a deep passion and purpose to nurture, guide and lead each person to their unlimited human potential and to build the business they have always dreamed it to be. She has been learning and leading people to “Live above the Line” for more than 3 decades. The focus is to build a positive business future with a crystal-clear vision, meaningful direction, purpose and plans of action as well as experiencing a community of support. Through her Grand Connection meaningful mastermind groups and inspired business planning programs, people transform their businesses and become the leaders they are meant to be, set strategic goals, take bigger risks, and have a community to celebrate their wins!

She brings a spirit of energy that is contagious, uplifting, and inspiring.

Carolyn was the captain of her cheerleading team in high school and continues her mission to lead by contributing to business owners as an advocate, mentor, cheerleader and sounding board to support them to move and grow towards their Grand Potential.

Her commitment is to always be curious, open-minded and intentional in life and business and go after her Grand adventures.

Carolyn feels honored and blessed to be the Co-Founder of the Grand Connection virtual networking community along with Susan Jarema. She knows it is their true calling to create the place and the space for businesses from around the globe to have the Grand Connections, create new opportunities, and collaborate to grow together and impact the world in meaningful ways.

Carolyn is grateful to live in beautiful Kelowna British Columbia where each morning she appreciates hiking her dog Tucker and enjoying her yoga.

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