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Mickey Mouse can never have a bad day

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Brad Warren is the CEO and Founder of Our Invisible Empire, a company dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses. His passion revolves around helping entrepreneurs surmount challenges, with a strong belief that solutions can be found for almost any business problem. Brad’s leadership principles emphasize self-awareness, working diligently, remaining adaptable, and executing consistently!

In Brad’s own words, Our Invisible Empire is on a mission to “keep as many small businesses alive as possible, so that all of our kids aren’t working for Amazon in 20 years from now!” Brad and his team embarked on this journey starting out in a pandemic and a recession, with a clear objective of simplifying the path for struggling business owners and emerging entrepreneurs.

Brad’s own personal journey highlights his dedication to entrepreneurship and business support. He began his career with an opportunity to transition from hands-on work to a management role at a young age, working closely with his mentor, the founder of a retail service business, for nearly a decade. This experience exposed him to various aspects of business, from sales and operational management to financial data tracking, forecasting, marketing, and scaling. As the company expanded across different cities and provinces, Brad’s role grew, eventually leading to his position as a shareholder and General Manager, with scaling and expansion becoming his passion.

Brad’s path took a significant turn when he partnered with his wife, who is a CPA accountant and Founder of White Raven Accounting. Recognizing the combined breadth of their expertise in small business needs, they established Our Invisible Empire. Their motivation is evident — to create opportunities and support small businesses in Alberta’s competitive market.

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