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Stand Up For Your Ideals… and Push Back if Necessary

Philip Bliss |

Alex Simonelli is a 25-year-old Toronto-based entrepreneur who founded Daydream, a hemp & adaptogen-infused sparkling water. With a background in sales & entrepreneurship since the age of 17, Alex has always been a free thinker, and most importantly someone who lives by his own ideals. His previous intrapreneurial experiences have taken him through different organizations where he led teams, drove revenue, and witnessed other founders exit their startups as different markets immerged for growth.

Daydream is an accumulation of his own personal growth, and his first step into full business ownership. Alex saw a gap in the market for “better for you” hemp & adaptogenic beverages in Canada and has not looked back since. Daydream’s branding is just as calming as the ingredients inside. Alex refers to this as his art to the world.

Outside of the office, you can find Alex playing his piano, or traversing across Toronto for the city’s best takeout restaurants!

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