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Two Canadian entrepreneurs, Tyler Dyck, Co-Founder & COO, and Brandon Goode Co-Founder & CEO, have partnered with global leaders in the mental health space to solve a growing issue in Canada. Despite the increasing ubiquity of antidepressants, their use cases, treatment durations, and side effects are widely misunderstood. The drugs have undoubtedly helped many Canadians facing anxiety and depression (candidly, including myself), but a sharp rise in long-term use (treatment guidelines say they are only supposed to be used for six-to-nine months!) has led to a growing problem: people don’t know how to get off of them safely—and no one is talking about it.

When Tyler Dyck decided he wanted to discontinue his antidepressants after years of treatment, he was met with a lack of information and resources surrounding withdrawal and ended up yo-yo-ing, much to the detriment of his mental and physical health. He found a major gap in recommendations he was receiving from doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists, and chatted about this with his former colleague Brandon Goode, whose background in the healthcare space had him investigating similar issues. They quickly realized that there was no existing solution to a major issue more and more of their loved ones were facing.

Together with world-leading scientists and healthcare professionals, they created Outro Health, the first patient-focused, science-based off-ramp for antidepressants, which just launched in Canada. Outro’s user-friendly platform provides science-based, personalized tapering plans to slowly reduce medication dosage. It also provides proactive symptom monitoring, one-on-one chats and video appointments with practitioners trained specifically in safely stopping antidepressants, and a patient-first approach that minimizes the risk of relapse and maximizes the chance of successful tapering.

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