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How to smell out a good deal when buying a business

Robert Szmigiel |

Today, our guest is Trevor Van Heemert. After briefly attempting employment in his early 20s, Trevor resigned with no plan and bought a $150 bike trailer for scooping up merch from street-side free piles for consignment. That fateful purchase led to the offer to take over a struggling bicycle-based compost pickup operation in Victoria called Pedal to Petal. He brought it from decrepitude into a brief golden age, before the City brought its own taxpayer-funded compost trucks in to crush all the green waste operators out of business. Undiscouraged, Trevor launched his bucket website to showcase dozens of repurpose projects for the countless buckets in his now useless business inventory. Having established a pattern of redeeming struggling enterprises, Trevor was presented with an opportunity to buy an arcade manufacturer in Vancouver. After a grueling negotiation process, he and his business partner took possession of the 13-year-old salvage operation in April 2024.

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