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How to 100x your mindset and your business in 100 days

Philip Bliss |

Edwin Frondozo is Co-founder & CEO of Slingshot VoIP. He is a fellow podcaster and social buzzer, who has built an awesome company on his 100 x goals. He shares his audacious goal of 100xing his tech business within 100 days. Something, he publicly declared on Sept 22, 2020, during a global pandemic. Before the pandemic hit, he was already questioning his decision, whether he should leave his tech business and pursue a life around impact and purpose. Like many entrepreneurs, he started to look for collaborations, partnerships and projects. The buzzword in the community was pivoting. Don’t stay still; look for opportunities. He ended up joining different startups, initiatives and partnerships. Almost all failed, which brought him to a dark place, looking within to find out who he was. Realizing that was the answer, he faced fear and took the plunge to make an audacious goal publicly. In this podcast we share why he did it, what happened, and some of the tools and frameworks he developed on his journey to 100x. As an award-winning podcaster, Edwin gives some key takeaways for us.

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