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Annie Marsolais, CMO and Mental Health Advocate at BDC Discusses Mental Health & Wellness for Canada’s Entrepreneurs

Philip Bliss |

recent study by BDC Canada shows there are many concerns keeping entrepreneurs awake at night, but according to the report their biggest worries are generating enough revenue to make a profit (43%) and covering expenses (40%). To help cope with these stresses, entrepreneurs most often take time out or go for a walk (47%), exercise (41%) or talk to someone (29%).

Annie Marsolais, Chief Marketing Officer and Mental Health Advocate at BDC commented, “by examining this topic and collaborating with experts and partners we can help break the stigma associated with mental health issues, ensure business owners feel more at ease discussing it, and know where to turn for help.” Our interview special with Annie covers many of the reports key findings.

Click here to download a free copy of the report.

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