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Every Home Has A Story To Tell

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David Tiefenbach, Owner, Atta-Boy Property Inspections, grew up in a small town just east of Regina and spent a lot of time at his grandparents’ grain farm. It was an integral part of his life at a young age. After high school he went into the plumbing and gas fitting trade, moved to Edmonton 2005 and started his plumbing business in 2006. In 2017 he was excited to get into the cannabis business but “ended up losing my shirt.” In 2018 he got his home inspector licenses and started Atta Boy Property Inspections early 2019. His intent was always to sell Atta-Boy franchises and help others in the trades to find something different and easier on the body.

“I have a strong belief and I have the determination to make this successful for trades people and any other with a good work ethic who are interested. I know my support system on the business side is what really matters for the franchisees to become and stay successful. This isn’t about home inspections this is about learning the business about home inspections. This is about building relationships for success. That’s why I call it Inspection Success,” he says.

In February 2023, Atta-Boy will start taking applications from any teenagers from 15 to 19 who may think they might be interested in Home Inspecting and seeing other trades in action from framers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC guys and insulators. He has set up a summer school holiday program from July 1 to Aug 31 for teenagers to have an opportunity to shadow these trades in action and to spend the last remaining 2 weeks with him shadowing him doing home inspections. It’s all free and the intent is to spike interest and possibly look at a trade school and possibly maybe a future Atta-Boy franchisee owner after learning their trade of choice.

Tiefenbach also has a goal to build an acreage just east of Sherwood Park with a picture in his head of a couple of Clydesdales roaming around.

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