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If it has to do with Facility Maintenance or Utility Data Management, Wayne Beamish is your go-to!

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Wayne Beamish is a problem solver. As an Army Brat born in Marville, France, Wayne is no stranger to transition. His family moved a few times during his upbringing, but desiring his own adventure, ended up in Banff, Alberta after high school. Wayne worked in the booming restaurant/industry for a stint and ended up soon after in Lake Tahoe, California where became a Certified Millwright, husband and father. He then moved to Ottawa, Ontario, working in the cabinetmaking/millworking industry for over 10 years. In 2001, after energy deregulation occurred in Ontario, one of his clients asked him if he could prepare a white paper on the impact deregulation will have on the industry. Wayne researched, studied, and read up on the issue, yielding a document that landed him his first client. Powerhouse Management was born. It began as a consultancy firm, now it’s a facility maintenance and data utility management company with multiple national clients (Rexa ll, Staples, SmartCentres).

Wayne is a member of ConnexFM, a multi-site Facilities Management network bringing together FM’s as well as supplier professionals in North America. Wayne has contributed to their publications through articles and has been part of their ‘Daily Grind’ program.

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