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Taking risks and starting from scratch with Vincent Cheng

Céline Williams |

Vincent Cheng was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and presently resides nearby Ajax, Ontario.

Although Vincent calls Canada his home, he has explored 32 countries across the globe. This exploration has anchored his connection to diverse cultures formulating a deep understanding of humanity at large. Since 2013 Vincent has traveled to Japan annually and lived with a Zen Buddhist monk in a 600-year old temple until COVID-19 prohibited travel in 2020.

Vincent’s accomplishments are just as diverse as his travels. He began his career as an electrical engineer in 2004, and a year later, alongside this, Vincent began his quest of conducting orchestras, choirs, and operas. He coached and conducted hundreds of amateurs and professionals across Canada, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East in voice and musicianship. Feeling a deeper calling, Vincent retired from engineering to fully devote his pursuit to the music profession. In 2012 he sold all his possessions and booked a one-way ticket to Berlin, Germany; from there he conducted operas across Europe and won 3rd prize in the 2013 International Conducting Competition in Budapest, Hungary. In 2014 he returned to Canada and began his studies in psychotherapy, meanwhile continuing his conducting career as an ongoing passion.

These diverse worlds of work and life experiences have built upon one another and connect as a whole. They are what led him to develop ‘Heal The Source’, a method that helps people fast-track their own healing based on their need for change and development. It is through this one-of-a-kind approach that Vincent’s intuitive leadership and integrity shine through. His visionary way of thinking and his intriguing ability to motivate and inspire is what guides him in serving others through Heal The Source to heal the world!

When he is not traveling, you can find Vincent passionately enjoying culinary arts, creating cuisines of all types. He also revels in hiking, reading, meditating, piano and organ playing, and of course singing.

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