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How entrepreneurs are taking on the environmental challenge with Pierre Cléroux from BDC

Philip Bliss |

Canadian entrepreneurs are highly motivated to reduce the environmental impact of their business activities, with 82% saying they have taken concrete steps to protect the environment, according to a new The Business Development Bank of Canada study. Entitled “Transformation in Action: How Canadian Entrepreneurs Cope with the Environmental Challenge,” this study conducted last October among 1,515 business leaders and 1,014 Canadian consumers explore how businesses are dealing with environmental change as well as obstacles they must overcome. “Most Canadian entrepreneurs are motivated and make an effort when it comes to the environment,” explains Pierre Cléroux, Vice-President, Research and Chief Economist at BDC. “Our study shows that taking action for the environment does not harm financial performance. In fact, it can boost profits and speed up economic recovery. We hope that the findings of our study will inspire other entrepreneurs to make even more environmentally beneficial and profitable decisions.”

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