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Peter Faist is Founder and CEO of Staffy, Solving Staffing Challenges for Hospitality and Healthcare

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Peter Faist is Founder and CEO of Staffy and maintains a reputation as a bon vivant. He has diverse experience for some of the largest and most technically complex companies in North America. Prior to founding Staffy, he was the President of NetCon1, an elite Network and Security consulting firm. Peter is a graduate of Next Founders, a judge for Top 100 Restaurants in Canada and has appeared on BNN’s The Disruptors where Staffy finished in the top 5 of the season. Peter studied Computer Programming at Sheridan College, and completed one year of culinary training at George Brown. Peter’s passion for changing the hospitality landscape has enabled Staffy’s success in Toronto, Vancouver, and New York. Staffy is a new app that takes a radical approach to solving staffing challenges within the hospitality and health care sectors. By creating a first of its kind on-demand marketplace, businesses can quickly and efficiently connect with contractors to meet their immediate, short-term or long-term staffing needs. For skilled workers in the hospitality and healthcare industries, Staffy provides the opportunity to pick up shifts tailored to their experience and schedule.

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