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Sean Shaeffer Discusses the Travel Industry & Getting Through Challenges Like the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sean Schaeffer is CEO of Zoomaway Travel. He has spent the last 30 years in the Gaming and Hospitality...

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Shrad Rao Discusses Wagepoint & Building Business in Tough Times Like the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shrad Rao is CEO at Wagepoint – Simple Payroll Software backed by the World’s Friendliest Team. He...

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Saif Ajani

Saif Ajani is the co-founder and CEO of the Toronto-based startup Keyhole, the world’s leading hashtag analytics tool, where...

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Brian Kingston Discusses the Issues Businesses are Dealing with as a Result of COVID-19

Brian Kingston, Vice President of Business Council Canada speaks to Canada’s Podcast about the issues business are dealing with...

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