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Breaking down gender stereotypes with baby clothing

Sandra Cinq-Mars |

In the winter of 2016, as several of her friends and family members were preparing to give birth, Nancy Caouette was struck by the dichotomy in children’s fashion. She realized most baby and children’s clothing available on the market were pink or blue. Nancy then questioned the impact of fashion on child development, but especially the integration of gender stereotypes. Why are clothes for boys differently cut than girls? Why are certain colours banned for one sex and not for the other, why, why, why?

Growing up, Nancy spent her free time in her family’s sewing studio where she was greatly inspired by her mother’s talents in tailoring. In 2016, equipped with all kinds of fabrics and brimming, as well as her mother’s help, Nancy set about creating unique and personalized pieces for each of the mothers-to-be around her. The enthusiasm was instantaneous. A few days later, she presented her personal project on social media. Charmed by the idea, thousands of users subscribed to her page in just a few hours. From there, The Little Yogi Company was born. Six months later, while the brand was still growing in notoriety, the young entrepreneur left behind her career to devote herself completely to building her company.

Prior to launching The Little Yogi Company, Nancy was a therapist with a degree in Special Education, a bachelor’s degree in Sexology, and a DESS in Perinatal Psychology. Nancy felt she was performing well, but not fulfilled. Her entrepreneurial and creative side was not sufficiently stimulated. With The Little Yogi Company, that has all changed. Today, more than anything else, Nancy and her brand are working to remove gender restrictions. “We are challenging the garment and fashion industry in a positive and constructive way to leave behind a world split in two: princesses or princes. At Little Yogi Company, we believe that colours have no gender! We let kids be kids.” says Nancy Caouette, Founder and President of The Little Yogi Company.

The Little Yogi Company is based on a deep-rooted system of values. All of the clothing designs are firstly hand-drawn and then printed using non-toxic water-based ink on 100% organic fabrics. The company offers a product of exceptional quality and eco-conscious while providing a contemporary and unique look. #AllIsNotBlueOrPink

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