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Sex & Success in Business

Nakula Das’ semen retention lifestyle made international news during his run for office in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election. For most North Americans, this ancient practice was unheard of and elicited a wide range of reactions. While there was no correlation between his political campaign and his semen retention practice, it brought international awareness to the population’s lack of sexual knowledge and current battle with porn addiction.

Nakula has declared #WarOnPorn and is making sex education and semen retention mainstream.

With the rise of internet pornography and the over sexualization of modern culture, Nakula is challenging the mainstream narrative and culture on its views and understanding of sex and sexuality.

He is the creator of the ‘Semen Retention Army’, a full training and accountability program dedicated to helping men quit porn, regulate their ejaculations, become better lovers for their partners and become more focused and disciplined. His program teaches men how to use breath-work, muscle control and meditation to develop a new relationship with their sexual energy and redirect those urges into healthy pursuits.

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