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Disrupting Commercial Real Estate with Mike Ward

Céline Williams |

An accomplished investor, advisor, and board member, Mike Ward has invested in private companies for nearly a decade. Mike has a proven track record in his ability to invest in companies and help them to scale and execute strategy, having helped companies such as Ripple, Honk, 1080 Payments, Dollar Shave Club, World First, and Elevate Growth Partners, among others.

Previously a financial industry executive, Mike has over a decade of experience driving profitability, business strategy and leadership. Mike joined World First in January 2015, as Chief Executive Officer for North America and Chief Revenue Officer of the Group. Mike was responsible for strategic commercial operations, including customer acquisition, Marketing, Partnerships, Dealing, and new products. The company has transacted with over 130,000 private clients and 60,000 companies, and last year transacted over $12bn. World First was sold to Ant Financial for $500m. Before World First, Mike previously held the post of CEO for North America and Europe at OzForex, an online foreign exchange and global payments provider. In 2013 he and the executive took the company public through a liquidity event for Macquarie Bank, Accel Partners, and The Carlyle Group. Mike has also previously held positions as a Co-Chairman at Bridgepoint Health and as a Vice President of Sales & Trading at Jameson Bank. Presently, Mike holds the title of CEO at AnthemIQ, a leading commercial real estate transaction company.

Growing up in Toronto, Mike moved to the States to attend university and indulge in his passion for playing ice hockey, while studying Finance at Liberty University. Mike currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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