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How one social entrepreneur designed his business to have a positive impact on the world, with Matt Wittek

Céline Williams |

Matt Wittek, Founder and CEO of Fill it Forward is a social entrepreneur on a mission to inspire the world to reuse. Based in Guelph, ON, The Fill it Forward Company has helped eliminate millions of single-use items from landfills and our oceans. Since 2012, Fill it Forward has helped fund hundreds of clean water projects benefiting communities across the world in an effort to alleviate the global water crisis. Matt has worked with many leading retailers, foodservice operators, universities and brands to promote the use of reusable products. His products and programs are used by millions of people around the world, helping to eliminate plastic bottles and disposable cups from our landfills. His work has been featured on Canada AM, CBC’s The National, Breakfast Television and the Globe and Mail.

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