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Margarita Romano Discusses 3 Secrets to Shift Your Thinking for 2021. Plus, a Free TedX Event Offer!

Angie Barnard |

The global pandemic has constricted our world for over a year. It’s time for us to rebuild, but we have no blueprints. No one has ever stood where we’re standing today. Only imaginative and inventive thinking will take us to a better place.

Joining Canada’s Podcast host, Angela Faye is Margarita Romano whose goal for you today is to Shift Your Thinking to “Thrive” gear and remind you that you are supported!

Listen to discover:

  • Secret #1 – There is one Low Cost, High Return Asset that 95% Of Entrepreneurs FORGET To Capitalize On
  • Secret #2 – The Fastest Way to Future-Proof your wealth portfolio is to Stop Focusing on what’s in your bank account and start investing in this one “sure-thing” investment
  • Secret #3 – There is one simple thing you can do today that is the Easiest Way to Overcome Drudgery And Unleash Limitless Creativity to lead a joyful life despite what is going on around you

Margarita Romano is as unique as her role at LeapZone – Equine-Guided Strategist. Supported by her intuitive equine partners, she loves to collaborate on a strategic level to provide a different perspective, and to help uncover and clarify purpose and direction. Margarita helps heart-centered entrepreneurs and couplepreneurs connect the dots to lead spectacular lives driven by heart and soul.

Her 20+ years of experience working closely with people and getting to understand how they think and function through brand development and implementation, along with her passion for life, make her determined to help people live and operate by design, and increase their units of happiness.

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