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Solve a problem you’ve experienced and do everything for as long as possible

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Laura Nezri Chetrit is the Founder & Creative Director of Maison Tess.; an online Canadian luxury home linen brand, offering premium-quality and sustainable bedding that brings your home to life. With a background in fashion and real estate, Laura launched Maison Tess. in 2017– who, when decorating her dream family home, realized there was a gap in the market when it came to finding bedding that was both practical and stylish. As Laura explains, “We aim to help people dress their homes the same way they do their wardrobe. With fashion, people dress to show an authentic expression of who they are and that is exactly the feeling we want to bring into your home.” Laura named Maison Tess. after her family; T for Thomas, her husband, E for her son Elie, and double S for her daughter Sasha.

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